The #AltEnding Edition

It hardly seems possible that 2016 is almost over! Hopefully your year is wrapping up nicely with lots of Happily Ever Afters. But even if your 2016 won't come with a fairy tale finale, our last writing challenge of the year is your outlet to create whatever kind of ending you want!

This month’s #JustWriteIt is all about alternate endings. We’ve all got stories we wished had wrapped up differently, this is your chance to shake up a well-known tale by giving it an alternate ending.

Always wondered what would happen if Cinderella ditched Prince Charming and became a scientist? Or what if Jack climbed the beanstalk and met a peace-loving vegetarian instead of a giant.

You can even throw a wrench into plotlines from your favourite movies or TV shows—any story you love but wished ended differently. Just keep the character names the same so we can follow along!

Whatever new and exciting ending you cook up, make sure to tag your story #AltEnding and #JustWriteIt so others can find your masterpiece.

Ready to end 2016 with a creative bang? Let's get this party started… or rather, ended!

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will write a story of at least 10,000 words over the next 30 days.

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