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Anime Zodiac Signs. by KookieMilkTae
Anime Zodiac Signs. by ❤DenDen❤ Random
✺Anime Zodiac Signs✺ ✎Who is your anime boyfriend/sister/brother/bestfriend or Rival? ✎What would you do when *Random Scenario* *Requested anime character* ✎Who anime gu...
Book of Yaoi by Nonamiko
Book of Yaoi by Ξ Νοναμε Ξ Random
All of the Yaoi photos on my phone organized. Most of this Is crack and fluff since I don't need to be reported. I did say most, but if I deem it smutty I'll label the c...
yuri on ice texts by akaashi-keiji
yuri on ice texts by izzy ミ☆ on hiatus Fanfiction
in which all your favorite skaters do very, very stupid things. ☆ 10k views; 4/12/17 #740 in fan fiction: 6/6/17
Juegos Sexuales (Yaoi) [Viktuuri] by FanficsYOI
Juegos Sexuales (Yaoi) [Viktuuri] by Yuri On Ice Fanfiction
Yuri Katsuki un joven Japones y universitario de 20 años y Viktor Nikiforov de 28 años un prestigioso Doctor en El Centro de Urgencias N. V. Sklifosovsky en Rusia. Un dí...
Spotlight (Yuri Plisetsky x Reader) by WonderingAuthor
Spotlight (Yuri Plisetsky x Reader) by Cat Fanfiction
Yuri Plisetsky, now 17 years old, is at the peak of his career as a figure skater. Successful and talented, he seems to have everything on a silver platter. But no amoun...
When he loved me.. ~Victuri MPreg~ by myhappylittlePhil301
When he loved me.. ~Victuri MPreg~ by My gay boi ❤️ Fanfiction
Victor Nikiforov is the worlds best figure skater. Going for his 6th consecutive gold medals it seems like nothing in the world can bring him down. It isn't until he bum...
Yurio's Diary//Otayuri// by yulisa-vkusno
Yurio's Diary//Otayuri// by Yules Queen Fanfiction
Let's just say Phichilt got his hands on this book...and then the triplets got their hands on this. Then it somehow went viral. Basically a bunch of stuff Yurio never w...
Yuri!! On ice- One Shots (Requests open) by GLEfiction
Yuri!! On ice- One Shots (Requests... by Glee Fanfiction
I'll do some X readers, and some a few Victuuri oneshots. I would LOVE requests, and I hope everyone enjoys! XD
『You Only Live Once 』Victor Nikiforov X Reader by AimiAkaibara
『You Only Live Once 』Victor Nikifo... by 『アイミ』 Fanfiction
Just a girl who dreams of becoming like Victor Nikiforov, but punishment came in your way for following such a dream. At the age of 15, you were a participant of the Jun...
Yuri!!! On Ice Texts by hot-pocket-daddy
Yuri!!! On Ice Texts by Mclovin Random
idk I thought this was something fun to do bc I'm bored lmao
Angel Bitch.  by YasnitoAsjjdhk
Angel Bitch. by X.Maistresses Fanfiction
¿Como es que Katsuki Yuuri, se volvió en un promiscuo sexual?¿porque razones él cristalino corazón del japones se encerró de una coraza de hierro?¿como es que ahora todo...
Texting - Otayuri (#1) by mindforest
Texting - Otayuri (#1) by c o s m i c Fanfiction
Who would have thought that a text to the wrong number would lead to a weird, kinky, croissant filled relationship? There's no denying that the internet is a strange pl...
Yuri!!! On Ice comics, pics, and ships! by hammademedoit
Yuri!!! On Ice comics, pics, and s... by Bubblegum Bitch Random
I'm gonna show y'all some cute comics, ships, and pictures! Otayuri & Victuuri to be more precise. Many cute things shall be shown!!!!!
yuri on ice || one-shots x reader by gnaeciralc
yuri on ice || one-shots x reader by Clarice 🌾 Fanfiction
let's journey through the river of viktuuri and the stream of otayuri to explore the depths of the yuri on ice fandom! book-title says it all. this is a one-shots book...
account rates | open !! by angelicfuck
account rates | open !! by jessie Random
in which i rate your cute account, angelface.
Yuri!! On ice one-shots by Le_Anime_Orange
Yuri!! On ice one-shots by Anime orange Random
YURI!! ON ICE, ONE-SHOTS!!! This books is just full of character x Reader, but if you'd like I can be some ships here and there. Requests are allowed, but since there a...
Yuri!!! On Ice One Shots (Wattys2017)  by aurawinterrain
Yuri!!! On Ice One Shots (Wattys20... by Aura Winter Rain Fanfiction
Welcome To The Madness. "Only fools fall for you." REQUEST STATUS: OPEN Achievements: ❥#926 in FanFiction | 17. 02. 17 ❥#888 in FanFiction | 19. 02. 17 ❥#8...
Partners In Crime | Yuri Plisetsky x Reader by GigglyUndertaker
Partners In Crime | Yuri Plisetsky... by Lucifer Fanfiction
The angry Russian chases her around the rink, "Why did I get stuck with a partner like you?" The (h/c) girl smirks, "Because I'm annoying and you're angry...
»Viktor Nikiforov;; Gallery❆ by _-hxney-_
»Viktor Nikiforov;; Gallery❆ by カミ ✨ Random
❥Imágenes de Viktor Nikiforov❆ 【Primer Libro: »Viktor Nikiforov;; Gallery❆】 【Creado: 08/11/16】 【Publicado: 09/11/16】 【Terminado: ??/??/??】 ♛#766 De T...