World Gate Online by WattyAddict1357
World Gate Onlineby WattyAddict1357
AUTHOR: IMAGINEXBREAKER Lucas Lauwers, an ordinary college student submits an entry for the lottery to win the very first virtual gaming device and game on a whim and wi...
  • hero
  • game
  • adventure
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Fantasy Life Online: The Beginning by Yukipriest
Fantasy Life Online: The Beginningby ivory
The company called Realgamers has released a new game called Fantasy Life Online. FLO for short if you want to call it that. Our main character gets talked into playing...
  • justwriteit
  • survial
  • vrmmorpg
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New Life Online: Battle Against The Strongest Book I by scythus
New Life Online: Battle Against Aries Kim
Aries and his parents got involved in an accident, and he fell into a coma but his parents didn't survive. After three years, he awoke from it. New Life Online was intr...
  • survival
  • magic
  • aba2017
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Final Frontier Online by Epope2322
Final Frontier Onlineby Bishop1211
I slid the box off of my new VR headset. Everyone and there brother had one of these, but due to my lack of interest and financial problems I had only recently purchased...
  • videogame
  • science
  • fiction
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Parallel (A Sci-Fi Virtual Gamer's Story.) by Renoe_K
Parallel (A Sci-Fi Virtual Gamer' Renoe Kisaragi
When the discovery of a new power source known simply as the Nesla coils nearly sends the earth into its third world war, two inventions created using the coils as a bas...
  • action
  • vampire
  • cyberpunk
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Siva (Volume 6) Dead Man Island by JE_Reddcliffe
Siva (Volume 6) Dead Man Islandby John Ethan Reddcliffe
A loving son and a caring brother, Rex Kingsley is a 19-year old prodigy with talents and charms recognized worldwide. His peaceful life was thrown into chaos as a road...
  • virtual-reality
  • drama
  • sciencefiction
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My Knight in Shining Armor by MarieMcQueen
My Knight in Shining Armorby Marie McQueen
This is a fanfiction based on the manhwa Qishi Huanxiang Ye (Knight Fantastic Knight). I do not own anything besides my OC and a few parts of the story that weren't in t...
  • fantasy
  • romance
  • emotion
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World of Souls #RPG Certified  by MrKingEmperor
World of Souls #RPG Certified by MrKingEmperor
#RPG Certified #DailyUpdates After being persuaded by his friend to play the most popular and newest VRMMORPG on the market, Hiro Bane finally thought that not only coul...
  • parallelworld
  • mmorpg
  • telekinesis
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The Wakeful Wanderer's Guide to New New England by JimInfantino
The Wakeful Wanderer's Guide to Jim Infantino
In the parlor of the Lester Sunshine Inn, up the Hudson from the flooded remains of lower Manhattan, a young man plans a unicycle ride through scenic New New England. Th...
  • virtualreality
  • adventure
  • speculative-fiction
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Parallel Vol. 4 by Renoe_K
Parallel Vol. 4by Renoe Kisaragi
Still reeling from the Adjudicators' punishment, Kashi turns his attention to the promised appointment at a certain mountaintop. What awaits him atop the mountain? And w...
  • fantasy
  • gaming
  • fiction
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To Kill Gods or Die Trying by nifakaniga
To Kill Gods or Die Tryingby Socks, Sandals, and Typos
At the official release of the first-ever fully immersive Virtual Reality, an unnamed cyber-terrorist has hacked into the main software of the game. Players are not ab...
  • darksouls
  • vrmmorpg
  • badassreads
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Siva (Volume 2) The First Departure by JE_Reddcliffe
Siva (Volume 2) The First Departureby John Ethan Reddcliffe
Fantasy and Magic meets Science and Technology. In this epic story of brotherly love, friendship, struggle, and conspiracy, come join in on an adventure that will take y...
  • swordfighting
  • fantasy
  • war
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Parallel: The Legion by TyranPraxis
Parallel: The Legionby Writographer
As the Genaco project boomed in Japan, the program spread to the NorAm and the EU. Word spread quickly about the Hopeful Maggots triumph in Rosendun and against the Drak...
  • scifi
  • action
  • virtualreality
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virtual love; nalu ❐ by jendeeartiste
virtual love; nalu ❐by Depressed Jen
Fairy Tail is an online VR game made by Mavis Vermillion, CEO of Fairy Inc. Many have found fun in this game, some choosing to be in the already created guild, Fairy Tai...
  • tail
  • mavisvermillion
  • lucy
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The legendary moonlight sculptor(Volume 19+) by frozenhtet
The legendary moonlight sculptor( frozen htet
Credit to Original writer and translators. Lee Hyun, a debt-ridden teenage orphan, puts his account of the top-level avatar in the Continent of Magic up for auction. Onc...
  • gaming
  • moonlight
  • monster
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Ember Wind: Online by Emil-Bronz
Ember Wind: Onlineby Emil Bronze
Book 1 In the Ember Wind Series [#259 in Sci-fi 2/23/18] 2042... Virtual Reality has been a dream of humanity for decades. Starting the drive into VR with the Oculus Ri...
  • fantasy
  • vrmmorpg
  • psychological
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Stuck in the Virtual Apocalypse (Cryaotic X Reader) by SeikoisaPsycho
Stuck in the Virtual Apocalypse ( SeikoisaPsycho
A new invention has gone viral: a machine that allows you to enter into a book or videogame and stay there as long as you want. What happens when you enter the new game...
  • ken
  • mangaminx
  • rpgminx
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Siva (Volume 3) The Frozen Blue Heart by JE_Reddcliffe
Siva (Volume 3) The Frozen Blue John Ethan Reddcliffe
Fantasy and Magic meets Science and Technology. In this epic story of brotherly love, friendship, struggle, and conspiracy, come join in on an adventure that will take y...
  • virtualreality
  • violence
  • science-fiction
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