The Porn Star And The Stripper by loyallyric
The Porn Star And The Stripper by Jo General Fiction
What happens when a porn star and a stripper collide? Hate? Love? Lust? Drama? Possibly all? [Highest Ranking - #11 In General Fiction] Cover By: @mediocer Edited By: @A...
The BEST Urban Books On Wattpad ! by AlexisTaylor148
The BEST Urban Books On Wattpad ! by Crowned Angel Random
I did not write any of these books that I've mentioned ❗️❗️❗️❗️ VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE AND MF VOTE YALL 😂🤘🏾🤘🏾 Every book I mention I have READ or HEARD IS REALLY GOOD...
He's Married So What by SwagStarJohnson
He's Married So What by SwagStar Johnson Short Story
*WARNING! FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!* #HesMarriedSoWhat #INTRO Episode 1 Coming Soon.....🙈🙉🙊😱 "I, Malcom Johnson take you, Latoya Henderson for my wedded wife...
Caretaker | Urban  by yamalex
Caretaker | Urban by Sandra Dee. Teen Fiction
Athena Kelly is the most curious and shy girl you will ever meet. A straight A student and the most hated girl at her high school. Senior year hasnt been the easiest for...
Bonnie & Clyde 4 by QueenTE
Insecure  by Kiki_21
Insecure by Kiki_21 ChickLit
Kia Washington learns how to love her insecurities and lives the life she always dreamed about until someone tries to mess it up
The Bodyguard by NalaniRose
The Bodyguard by Nalani Rose Fanfiction
After the unexpected death of her uncle, 21-year-old, Ivy Burgos' father assigns her a bodyguard. She is spoiled, temperamental, and pissed off. But, her father leaves h...
Cybil's Song  by swankyspice
Cybil's Song by a.l. ❆ Action
Cybil Byrne, an eighteen year old orphan, has had anything but a normal life. From sleeping within the bellies of Louisiana's desolate allies, to taking gradient dips in...
Faults (The Beginning) by macdaddyjae
Faults (The Beginning) by Jada🥀 Romance
WARNING. Lots of sexual content and cussing . Ariyanna Moore is now a senior, straight A student good behavior. One day she meets drug dealer Prycen and he changes her...
The Dealer's Son [BWWM] by TashaW
The Dealer's Son [BWWM] by Natasha ChickLit
Twenty four year old Cole Brody is determined to become a part of his three year old son's life after missing it all whilst in prison, willing to do whatever it takes to...
RAIN by LovelyBooBlack
RAIN by LovelyBooBlack Teen Fiction
As a sixteen year old girl with a four month old brother, she is put through a lot. Without her mother who died of cancer, and her father no where to be found she is for...
Monique's Desire {Complete} by MissJenesequa
Monique's Desire {Complete} by Miss Jenesequa General Fiction
Meet Monique Isabella Williams. A smart, successful and seductive young woman. She meets Tremaine. Mr Tremaine Aldon Neverson. The most attractive, rich and mysterious m...
It Should Be Easy by brooklynismyheart
It Should Be Easy by Brook and Lynn Romance
Caira Taylor and Carter Smith have known each other all their lives, and have been friends for as long as they can remember. But when Carter moves to New York, he leaves...
Her Light  by Princess_Yonna
Her Light by Kenyonna💓 General Fiction
Rain Bay is 17 year old mother raising a child alone . She made a silly mistake with the wrong person and she had to deal with it with her mother struggling with bipolar...
The Dominant  by juswriteit
The Dominant by 🍩 ChickLit
Bentley Mathews is only 26 years old and also the youngest lawyer in his law firm. He's handsome, tall, and very intelligent, but behind closed doors he is sexually cont...
His Dancer 2 •August Alsina• by AmourxFendi
His Dancer 2 •August Alsina• by Mello🌸🌴 Fanfiction
On Hold Will Amari still be Augusts Dancer, will they still be together??? or will things change??👀 Please read to find out won't regret it Sequel to August Alsina's D...
More Life. by booksbytai
Still Waters ( #Wattys2017) by KalilahCoulter
Still Waters ( #Wattys2017) by KalilahCoulter General Fiction
Natasha has been in love with Collin since elementary school. But when Collin's random bursts of anger turn into even more frequent bouts of violence, Natasha wonders mo...
Plus size,Baby girl(urban) by jaydapinkettt
Plus size,Baby girl(urban) by Jayda Fanfiction
Follow the trials and tribulations of Asia Tillman, a plus size princess as she learns life lessons about love,true friends,family, and self love.
Fatal Attraction by Cind2010
Fatal Attraction by Cind2010 General Fiction
Definition: Fatal attraction basically goes BEYOND normal attraction for someone. It gets to the point where a person may become morbidly infatuated with their love inte...