Scary Stories to Read at Night by urlocalgeek
Scary Stories to Read at Night by Megan <3 Horror
These stories will truly leave a shiver down your spine. • True Stories • Fake Stories • Unknown, you decide.. [Highest rank: #3 in Horror] [Chosen to sponser Annabelle...
The Attic  by Storyteller-swarnoxk
The Attic by Sam Horror
A BONE CHILLING HORROR STORY~ A Mother and her child have recently moved into a new home, completely unaware of the sinister man living in their Attic...things take a tu...
Captured by KellyAnneBlount
Captured by Kelly Anne Blount Horror
OPTIONED FOR FILM! 2014 Watty Award Winner, Selected by @PPZmovie for the Best Female Horror Stories, and Selected by @TheReturned for the Best of Horror! Ki...
Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Baby by Cristina Teen Fiction
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
Violet by Ms_Horrendous
Violet by Jakayla Toney Horror
A loving father desperate for power. A mother trying to save her family. A girl named Violet trying to find out what went wrong in her life and why her father is despera...
One Direction Hates Me (bullied) *Completed with Sequel* by Shanni1230
One Direction Hates Me (bullied) *... by Shannon Fanfiction
Lynn is bullied everyday by five boys. They beat her everyday. But why? She wishes she knew that answer. Will they take it too far? Will there ever be an end to her mise...
Let's Not Meet~ Reddit Horror Stories by Lapiisum
Let's Not Meet~ Reddit Horror Stor... by Lapiisum Horror
A collection of let's not meet stories from Reddit. All of these stories are true and can be found at Reddit let's not meet. Please vote, comment and share
Cold Creeps by Royuchiha
Cold Creeps by Roy Uchiha Horror
Highest ranking #14 (Oct,18 2017) in Horror These are hand picked creepiest Short horror stories of all the time. These includes urban legends, myth, demons , possessio...
Short horror and thriller stories  by S_K_xoxo
Short horror and thriller stories by Sophie Horror
These short stories of monsters under the bed, demons hiding in the closet or being buried alive will give you spine twisting chills, good luck sleeping again.., Just t...
The Rebel. by WingsofAnAngelx
The Rebel. by WingsofAnAngelx Werewolf
Nova West, a girl who's bad at making friends, decides to opt it off and become a loner. She's an insecure girl, although she's too guarded to admit that to anyone but h...
The Baron's Daughter. by Prettylittlestorm
The Baron's Daughter. by Awesome people Historical Fiction
Lies. Betrayal. Loss. Innocence. Fear. Florence never really knew the meaning of these words, truly, until that day when her father got arrested. That was the day e...
Creepypasta by creepypasta1515
Best friends. Separated by fame. Reunited. What could go wrong? by BlondeBabe12399
Best friends. Separated by fame. R... by Princess Romance
What will happen when the famous Justin Bieber returns home to visit family and old pals, but he comes to realize that he has deeper feelings for his best friend, Sarah...
(Real) Unsolved Mysteries  by xoxocaitlin
(Real) Unsolved Mysteries by caitlin Mystery / Thriller
the most eerie yet interesting unsolved cases/mysteries or deaths *TRUE STORIES* - lowercase intended
Something about her  by tinkerbell247
Something about her by Charlotte Wood Romance
Everything was normal. I was enjoying my life up until she came. It's all her fault. Why did she have to come into my life? What did I do to deserve this? Joshua was a...
The Fortune teller - a call from the unknown is always the scariest  by elleny0k0
The Fortune teller - a call from t... by elleny0k0 Paranormal
The customers have problems but sometimes they are not aware of it. They find themselves at her store and they listen to her stories tied to their problems. In the end...
The Mafia Game (Completed) by CharmaineGirlOnFiyah
The Mafia Game (Completed) by Maine Mystery / Thriller
[Completed story] "We can't know who to trust or who not to trust. Not anymore." It all started off as a game, it's always this way. It always starts off as a...
The Dentist by KellyAnneBlount
The Dentist by Kelly Anne Blount Horror
Welcome to the dentist's office, where a cavity is the least of your worries... ***** This short story is an entry for the #TNTHorrorContest. It is also part of THE...
Room No.13 (#SPA2017) by AnimeWings
Room No.13 (#SPA2017) by ハーシタ Horror
(Highest Ranking #12 in horror!) (WARNING! Read at your own risk! BLOOD flows here like a river!) Someone's happiness can become someone's pain. Isn't it true? Taki...
Her Suited Savior by caliteral
Her Suited Savior by caliteral Romance
Hunter King. A name that struck fear into the hearts of many. With strikingly good looks, he attracted the attention of countless women trying to change him and his ruth...