Harry Styles' Personal Spy by luvsarah101
Harry Styles' Personal Spy by Sarah
Sarah Parks, you could say, was no ordinary girl. Her whole life she had lived at a Secret Agency where she was the best at her work. And the rules to being a spy were q...
  • action
  • drama
  • styles
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Mated to My Killer by VansWearinChick
Mated to My Killer by z
Phoenix; a badass werewolf hunter. After one mission gone wrong, her dad forces her into a temporary retirement. She unknowingly moves into the center of the Wolf Claw P...
  • spying
  • alpha
  • blood
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FBI AGENT by sakz15
[Number 1 in Action! 19/09/2017] Hunter Ashley. The homeless girl on the streets. No-one notices if she goes missing, which makes her the perfect FBI agent. ***** &qu...
  • fbi
  • action
  • agent
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Undercover nerd or spy by foreverandalways714
Undercover nerd or spy by Maddie
Casey is the nerd of the school she is ugly and on her free time she just studies, she never parties, drinks, or anything like that. At least that's what people think. C...
  • romance
  • spy
  • gangleader
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Define Spy by seagreenseeblue
Define Spy by summer
Serena Valentine isn't your average sixteen-year old girl. She's determined, stubborn, and decisive. She also happens to be an agent of the ICI; a spy commission only th...
  • action
  • summer
  • spy
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The Hybrid Huntress by afy812
The Hybrid Huntress by Abby Cadabby
Completed |✔️| Rosalina West, many people know me just because of my name. I am the top Hunter of them all. I have taken down more than 20 pack with my bare hands. Yeah...
  • spy
  • love
  • completed
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British Exchange Agent by JoannaNGrace
British Exchange Agent by JoannaNGrace
Kayla is an expert at finding globally wanted criminals. She knows everything about being an agent. High school? Not so much. When given an assignment to track down Cyr...
  • badboys
  • teenfiction
  • badboy
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Spy | Corbyn Besson by myjonahmarais
Spy | Corbyn Besson by myjonahmarais :)
emilee. a 19-year old girl just moving into the city. who knew the city had so many secrets? - frequent updates//trying to update more!
  • daniel
  • action
  • zachherron
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Miss. Nerd has a Gun. by conflicted_youth
Miss. Nerd has a Gun. by Thea
(#542 Teen Fiction) Ariana (Ari or Aria) Jones is the daughter of the famous Amelia and Adam Jones. Amelia and Adam are both assassins and spies who work for FBI. Aria i...
  • spy
  • random
  • badass
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Toy Soldiers (Helford #1) by RileyTegan
Toy Soldiers (Helford #1) by Riley Tegan
On my first day of high school, they tested our abilities-they wanted to see who would outlast the others, and who would be outlasted. For hours and hours, we gave it al...
  • spies
  • caitie
  • danger
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The Undercover Spy by YourAverageNerd_
The Undercover Spy by Your Average Nerd
Samantha Wild isn't your normal teenager. She's fluent in five languages, a karate master, an excellent actor, and knows how to handle a gun. Oh yeah, and she's a UIA ag...
  • wattys2015
  • spies
  • popular
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BLSC #8 : Her Black Knight by beyondlocks
BLSC #8 : Her Black Knight by Janice Martana
BLSC #8 Marco Hastington Cruel and cold, that's Marco Hastington in public's eyes. He's a straight foward person to begin with. He loves his work and has no time to care...
  • wattpad
  • multimillionare
  • dangerous
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The boy who stole my knife: teenage assassin love story by sntdiana
The boy who stole my knife: teenag... by Lauran
Alissa is not you average 16 year old. She has been killing as long a she can remember. Her parents were killers like her too, but the died on a mission. She has been li...
  • square
  • avion
  • jacob
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Run Birdy, Run by VioletNash
Run Birdy, Run by VioletNash
The moment their eyes locked in the taxi, she knew something wasn't right. There couldn't be much wrong on an innocent ride home. .. but three things were certain: first...
  • love
  • good
  • guns
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The Hijabi and Her Kidnapper by Price_Is_Right
The Hijabi and Her Kidnapper by Price_Is_Right
She wasn't looking for love. She was looking for the perfect heels for her sister's wedding. He wasn't planning to kidnap her. He was planning to kidnap t...
  • humor
  • religion
  • tonimahfud
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The Agent |ZM| by Soulful_Sal
The Agent |ZM| by It'sMeSal🥀
❝Guns and trust, they're the same--you get one shot at each. You snooze,❞ He puffs out the smoke of his cigarette in rings, breasting the cold air of the night bravely f...
  • adventure
  • action
  • secretmissions
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The Teenage Life of a Secret Agent by RandomGirl1302
The Teenage Life of a Secret Agent by Random Girl
Two and a half years ago, Clara Stone was offered a deal. Now, Seventeen year old Clara is working at the SSF (Special Secret Forces) as one of their top and youngest se...
  • murder
  • agent
  • wattys2015
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°Define Spy Girl° || SEVENTEEN's S.Coups ||° by MinScarlet
°Define Spy Girl° || SEVENTEEN's S... by Scarlet Lee
She's a girl that lost her family in the blink of eye without hints with a sudden conflicts. She use two identities in order to find her family back. As Jung Jae In. &qu...
  • woozi
  • suga
  • spy
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Undercover by TaeAndChim
Undercover by •Chim-Tae•
Where Jimin is a world renowned spy, and Jungkook is the most dangerous man in the world.
  • boyxboy
  • secret
  • vmin
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Born and Raised Kingsman by ansleybug18
Born and Raised Kingsman by ansleybug18
Talk about the Assassin and the Street Magician. Rosalie Hart grew up as the daughter to one of the top agents in a secret spy organization, Harry Hart or Agent Galahad...
  • action
  • kingsmansecretservice
  • eggsyxoc
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