A small surprise by babyvamp123
A small surprise by babyvamp123
Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin had a one night stand when ALLIE was destroyed. They partied hard and slept with each other. Praimfaya left Clarke alone in the world, t...
  • wanheda
  • echo
  • pregancy
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Valerian x Reader by shannatiffin
Valerian x Reader by shannatiffin
I was bored, really liked the movie, now I'm a fangirl, so yeah... If you wanna know what's gonna happen in the story then you've just gotta read🙃
  • spacecraft
  • universe
  • sciencefiction
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Astronomicon 1: The Beginning by Astronomicon
Astronomicon 1: The Beginning by Paul Vincent
Three Spacecraft, two-hundred-and-forty colonists, twenty-five trillion miles and a discovery that changes everything. Astronomicon: The Beginning follows the human race...
  • exploration
  • thriller
  • mystery
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3028 by KarleeBarley
3028 by 🐢Karlee🐢
•A Wattpad Featured Story• The year is 3028 on planet Earth. Decades ago, aliens from Jupiter attacked Earth. They were defeated and never heard from again, until now. M...
  • futuristic
  • future
  • alienwar
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The Unsound Theory (Space Academy Book 1) by emilita
The Unsound Theory (Space Academy... by Emilia Zeeland
A post-apocalyptic world, a life-long mystery and an unexpected invitation. On what's left of Earth, two strangers show up at Yalena's door one evening, asking her to d...
  • exploration
  • signal
  • friendship
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Dummy [YoonSeok] by sunshineclub
Dummy [YoonSeok] by mi l l y
Hoseok sees beauty in everyone but himself. YoonSeok [a little fic] ^little Seokie 100K { 271217 #127 { 220118 ©sunshineclub
  • angst
  • kpop
  • hobi
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Planet Gaia 🌕 🐺 (Alien Fairy Tales) ✔️ by KDCampbell
Planet Gaia 🌕 🐺 (Alien Fairy Tal... by KD Campbell
(Featured under "Diverse Worlds") The forests of planet Gaia are vast, unexplored, and ominous -- filled with horrifying alien creatures that threaten life...
  • newadult
  • betrayal
  • featured
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World War on the Aether by AlbertSamuel2
World War on the Aether by 4LB3R7
In the year 1900 the first liquid hydrogen rocket engine were discovered by James Dewar and installed on a high altitude zeppelin and done a full orbit. Since then, Euro...
  • jupiter
  • europa
  • worldwar
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New Earth 6 by krazydiamond
New Earth 6 by Kristin Jacques
'Firefly meets Battlestar Galactica'. A merchant's daughter is captured and sold into slavery. A genetically modified survivor of an alien attack scours the gal...
  • rebellion
  • frontier
  • wattys2017
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The White Paladin  by BlueSpirit_16
The White Paladin by BlueSpirit_16
A Voltron Reader Insert! (Y/N) becomes the white paladin, which is the heart and soul of Voltron. Join the other Paladins on their journey through space and becoming...
  • keithxreaderxlance
  • voltronreaderinsert
  • love
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SURVIVE: The Atlantis Grail (Book Four) - Preview by VeraNazarian
SURVIVE: The Atlantis Grail (Book... by VeraNazarian
The exciting conclusion to the Atlantis Grail series! ... A Limited Holiday Preview.. a special gift for my Readers...
  • space
  • siblings
  • romance
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Astronomicon 2: Distant Relatives by Astronomicon
Astronomicon 2: Distant Relatives by Paul Vincent
The sequel to "Astronomicon: The Beginning" marks a serious and exciting expansion of the scenario. When what was thought to be an asteroid cloud turns out to...
  • novel
  • space
  • adventure
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Voltron Oneshots by Bloodsm22891
Voltron Oneshots by Voltron space mom
This will contain smut, fluff, and angst. I also take requests. Also this oneshot book will mostly contain sheith, Klance, shance, and shklance. Ok bye ♥️~ Bloodsm22891
  • emotional
  • voltron
  • fanfiction
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Eternal Courage 3: Galactic Bonds (21st January) by Theodore21
Eternal Courage 3: Galactic Bonds... by Theodore
An ACTION fighting story. Featuring a Saku 6 - 9 months before Eternal Courage 1 Welcome back to Bio-duelling the sport that has taken the world by s...
  • friends
  • sci-fi
  • saku
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Voltron oneshots (REQUESTS ARE OPEN) by the-potato-girl
Voltron oneshots (REQUESTS ARE OPE... by the-potato-girl
Hi! Welcome to my new book! This will be a collection of oneshots and there will be XReaders and ships from the show. This sometimes contains swear words and if there is...
  • lotor
  • coran
  • sendak
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Astronomicon: Icarus by Astronomicon
Astronomicon: Icarus by Paul Vincent
( REVAMPED in 2016 ) In 2078, whilst working the Trojan asteroid cloud, Captain Taylor and the crew of the deep space mining vessel Icarus discover a mysterious prototyp...
  • adventure
  • horror
  • action
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WIN: The Atlantis Grail (Book Three) - Preview by VeraNazarian
WIN: The Atlantis Grail (Book Thre... by VeraNazarian
The Fleet is now in orbit over Atlantis, Gwen and Aeson, stunned by the kiss, are in the Palace before the Throne of the Imperator, the sun glare of Hel is merciless, th...
  • first-contact
  • aliens
  • space
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Klance oneshots and dabbles  by luna1158
Klance oneshots and dabbles by B. L. U. E.
Ok guys. If you don't like the show Voltron or don't like this ship this is not the book for you. Also it's super gay so yea.
  • lance
  • voltron
  • klance
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Space Babe ♡ Vkook by CripplingAnxiety
Space Babe ♡ Vkook by Satan
"Are you from outer space? Bc your booty is out of this world ;)" In which a human boy named Jungkook keeps getting mysterious texts from a boy who claims to b...
  • rapmonster
  • bts
  • bangtanboys
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