Almost Royalty [Wattys2017] by Whythecliches
Almost Royalty [Wattys2017] by 『 WHYITSCYIZA 』 Teen Fiction
Richmond Academy is one of the most prestigious schools in the country, with the next world leaders and the kids of fame's finest walking their very hallways. Thousands...
Innocent with a Hint of Evil | ongoing by angeltanyas03
Innocent with a Hint of Evil | ong... by tanya Teen Fiction
"You're just a spoiled, rich bitch like the rest of them," Evil is always born as innocent. The Popular at Carmel High are nefarious, not leaving a chanc...
Random Pics N Things 11 by OblivionStar
Random Pics N Things 11 by 💝~Jake StarLight~💝 Random
Just like the first ten--that's not true, it's random, but you get the point
A Foxes Groom BWWM by LBKeen
A Foxes Groom BWWM by L.B.Keen Werewolf
Shining bright even with no light. Theresa "Monet" Burns is living two lives at the moment. Life one, is as the world renowned pop diva Monet, whose global su...
Being Teens. by lavanya_b
Being Teens. by Lavanya Bhardwaj Humor
" My teenage should not be spent worrying about RELATIONSHIPS when all it leads to is a HEARTBREAK. " Relevancy, at its best. So, stop worrying about crushes...
FIREFALL, OR IN EXO WONDERLAND ▷ C... by ✨ anakin trash™ ✨ Fanfiction
[ featured in wattpad's k-pop fic rec list and #4yearswithexo special post ] ❝ down, down, down. would the fall never come to an end? ❞ an exo take on the original alice...
Comfortable Christianity | † by -wretchedhearts
Comfortable Christianity | † by glory Random
❝ a time to weep and a time to laugh.❞ Biblical humor and satire ♡
How to Get a Girl to Like You Back: a useful guide for geeks by NeverRose
How to Get a Girl to Like You Back... by Stellea Everose Teen Fiction
A synopsis? Ugh. I thought the title was clear enough but here goes. *clears throat* I'm Alex Ryle, suburban cult leader and TV show connoisseur. Falling for a girl out...
When the Bus Stopped by ShelleyIn
When the Bus Stopped by Shelley Iñón ChickLit
When Lucy Falkwell loses control of her house bus, on a lonely alpine road, she must do everything in her power to get her beloved bohemian lifestyle back. Unbeknownst...
HitlerXTrump by phangirl4eva1122
HitlerXTrump by Amanda Random
Hitler is raised from the dead and he makes friends with a likely ally. Donald Trump. But deadaphobes don't accept their relationship! What will happen? Will Trumpler be...
The Egg at Dumstreet by RainerSalt
The Egg at Dumstreet by RainerSalt Mystery / Thriller
A U.S. expatriate is cast into a rainy, foggy corner of Europe. He went there on the pretense to work on his research, but he actually wanted to put as many miles as pos...
Bill Cipher Second Story [A Gravity Falls Tale] by Snowy_Miracles94
Bill Cipher Second Story [A Gravit... by Jacob Rutherford Fanfiction
Bill Cipher has returned! And now he's a human being with all his powers intact. But he is suffering from massive memory loss and instead, ends up being a teenager who i...
Mars Inc. by AngusEcrivain
Mars Inc. by Angus Ecrivain Science Fiction
There's strange things afoot on Mars. In this incredibly skewed and slightly humourous tale, Mike must dig deep if he's going to find out what's going on at Mars Incorpo...
Gintama* by TheEvilKoala
Gintama* by 春 Fanfiction
A year has passed since the events of the anime. Everything has returned to relative normalcy... at least by Gintama standards. A Shipping Tournament is underway, where...
Teens In Stories by JeremyRivera8
Teens In Stories by Click Bait Teen Fiction
--This was inspired by The popular show and Manga series, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure-- So to give you a brief explanation. This is the story about some kids whom one of th...
Candide (Completed) by BannedBooks
Candide (Completed) by BannedBooks Classics
Candide is a French satire first published in 1759 by Voltaire. The book was widely banned because it contained religious blasphemy, political sedition and intellectual...
The Night Guard | coming soon by TinHoverCarInIce
The Night Guard | coming soon by just for vicks Humor
Jamie Claremont is one of the world's most renowned criminals, and she's stuck in a tiny prison cell. Kyle Patel is the night guard at the most secure prison in the Kin...
Every Teen Romance Ever by darthallow
Every Teen Romance Ever by Shreya Humor
If you've ever read straight teen romances on this site, you've probably come across some of the following cliché plot devices: parents leaving on extended business trip...
Rants: The Things That Piss Me Off On Wattpad by SNLangford
Rants: The Things That Piss Me Off... by Summer Nicole Humor
Just things that peeve me off here on Wattpad and things in general. Instead of filling my tip book with rants, I'll put them here so they don't clutter up space I could...
Short Peeks by suvachana
Short Peeks by suvachana Short Story
six-word stories and micro-fiction What are in these shorts? Take a peek! Less is More!!! ...