S O W E D by WriterBells
S O W E D by WriterBells Poetry
[Highest - #3 in POETRY] SOWED: Words planted to grow into love. This book is the garden where I have sowed my words to grow into sentences and bloom into poetry. "...
Far Side of the Moon by penofawallflower
Far Side of the Moon by Abram Dominguez Poetry
Now, I am exposing what's on the unlit part of the moon. What you haven't seen. What you haven't heared. What you do not know. In form of poorly written poetries, prose...
poetry by tylerhelton
poetry by Tyler Helton Poetry
... more to come.
Lucotion [poems]  by spicytofuu
Lucotion [poems] by kㆍeㆍi Poetry
lo·cu·tion ləˈkyo͞oSH(ə)n/ (n.) " a particular form of expression;" 《 a collection of poems and prose. 》 highest rank - #9 in Poetry current rank - #11 in P...
echo by youareagalaxy
echo by ⋆ may ⋆ Poetry
echoes from the back of a mind, of a girl who reads books way past nine.
Through My Eyes  by _DandelionClocks_
Through My Eyes by tarquin ッ Poetry
She sang to the moon and whispered to stars, her deepest desires, breathless passions and endless love. They told to her, in unison "Write it, love. Let the blood t...
EARTHFLOW by vangohs
Of boyhood found beneath a turbulent sky. (p#64 - 091317) © VANGOHS, 2017
Breath | √ by TheGanymede
Breath | √ by ✒E. M. Elle Poetry
I write so I can breathe. I write so that I can let go. {A wattpad featured poetry under the Greenlight program, from November 2016- July 2017} Highest rank; #3 in poetr...
No Spilled Ink~ by Fangmiserly
No Spilled Ink~ by Cinderelly Poetry
~Extraordinary poems that tell stories from an ordinary latina Girl.• "They're simply perfection."~RobTheir Some are short and sweet, some are long and strong...
excerpts from a book i'll never write by runriots
excerpts from a book i'll never wr... by runriots Random
An idea occasionally comes to me; a story, a poem, a scene. However, they never seem to have a plot. They never do. These excerpts don't belong in a larger work. They're...
Paper & Ink |#Wattys2016| by KimxSimon
Paper & Ink |#Wattys2016| by Papillonner Poetry
"I am the black on white; the ink on paper." A collection of my nightly thoughts and daydreams. Highest rank: #5 in Poetry. Please enjoy reading and find a f...
Everything I Fear To Say Aloud by cappushino
Everything I Fear To Say Aloud by s h i n o — ☆ Poetry
❝ to those who believed the happy girl could not hurt ❞ - in which I convert my thoughts into poetry. © CAPPUSHINO 2017 → hi...
internal ; eternal by _ogll_
internal ; eternal by scl Poetry
poems from the heart and from the mind. inspired by rupi kaur, lang leav, and others.
Emotions And Words... by MaybeMagical
Emotions And Words... by Vrinda Poetry
Others use words to speak their emotions. I use words to write mine... Highest Rank #20 in POETRY
waste away | poetry & prose by __numa
waste away | poetry & prose by numa 💭 Poetry
ramblings of an overthinker
Foreign to Rationale by EerieArish
Foreign to Rationale by Arisha Khalique Poetry
"Color to the blind Echo to the deaf Gesture to the paralyzed Prayer to the departed Excitement of the suckling Innocence of a child Energy of the juvenile Wisdom o...
IN LOVE by sempiternalgeekiness
in which a person defines love with words. || copyright 2017
Catastrophe by dessiphile
Catastrophe by dessi Poetry
You and I are the definition of catastrophe. | Highest ranking: #5 in poetry. Cover by: @pajibar
corazón de mi melón  by -honeypie
corazón de mi melón by ♀ Poetry
i wish i had met a boy like you in my teenage years ©honeypie
The Wrong Side of Right by Aestrophilia
The Wrong Side of Right by erica❀ Poetry
❝We all are addicted to something that ruins us.❞ Just some powerful quotes that I found and compiled them into a book. Highest rank; #1 in Poetry (straight #1 from Marc...