The Psychic Next Door by YvetteRussell
The Psychic Next Doorby Yvette Russell
Rachel Vaughn is being hunted by something... unexplainable. And it might have something to do with Luc, the handsome and mysterious guy who lives next door. { Book I...
  • spirit
  • boyfriend
  • haunting
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DEADMAN SOCIETY by florscents
DEADMAN SOCIETYby je n'ai pas le temps !
dead men and their virtues © s. v. dasy 2018 (hr263-150118)
  • artists
  • romance
  • ghost
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The Lady of the Depths by IWJKeller
The Lady of the Depthsby I. W. J. Keller
A treasure hunter on a dangerous mission into the Parisian catacombs; a man lost in the darkness, and all the perils that lay beneath. Nobody told Al Ebner this would be...
  • paranormal
  • gore
  • assassin
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They call him Lucius *Revamped Sep2016* by Shimaira
They call him Lucius *Revamped Sep...by L.B. Shimaira
Horror // Thriller // Novella --- Revamped 14-Sept-2016 ~ She didn't want to remember, ever. She just wanted to forget, forget the past ten years ever happened. --- An...
  • devil
  • cannibal
  • nightmare
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Oka Ruto X Female Reader by taylorfordwiorkowski
Oka Ruto X Female Readerby Tay
Sorry boys, maybe next time... You were once the president of the occult club at your old school... but now you have to switch schools. You realize there's also an occul...
  • xreader
  • ayanoaishi
  • yanderechan
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Random Classic Rock Stuff I Like/Blog Thingy  by JP1944
Random Classic Rock Stuff I Like/B...by Quinn Moon
Just me talking and leaving pictures of my favorite bands like Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds (I love Jimmy Page by the way), The Rolling Stones, Cream, The Who, The Doors...
  • johnpauljones
  • classicrock
  • guitar
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Branding Of The Unhallowed (TMOE #2) by JuliaLundstrom
Branding Of The Unhallowed (TMOE #...by Julia
With a cursed soul and death-bringing aura, is a beautiful appearance really worth it? Lucius Cromwell is now 20 autumns old, and the year didn't start very easy for the...
  • demons
  • immortality
  • murder
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People Are Strange (The Lost Boys Anniversary Edition) by ReginaReids
People Are Strange (The Lost Boys...by Regina
"You don't have to be blood to be family." Santa Carla in the mid-80's had one hell of a nightlife. It was the Murder Capital Of The World and the Boardwalk w...
  • marko
  • wattys2017
  • romance
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Cosmic Confluence  by marriage-iguanas
Cosmic Confluence by marriage-iguanas
Cosmic Confluence is about a cosmic confluence in the sense that everything in 15 year old Mary's life is aligning and coming together perfectly wether she likes it or n...
  • mystery
  • religion
  • horror
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When the Dead Come to Play by BNSilvia
When the Dead Come to Playby Brittany Silvia
As a child, Theresa was given, the worst fate imaginable; to be without the ones she love. More than that, the betrayal of being thrown into a dark, dangerous sanatorium...
  • dreams
  • asylum
  • ghostwhisperer
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The Coven Murders (An Occult Mystery Thriller) by Brian O'Hare by Professor26
The Coven Murders (An Occult Myste...by Brian O'Hare
The Coven Murders opens with a horrifying account of a ritual Black Mass and a human sacrifice in an abandoned church. Twenty- one years later, near an old ruined church...
  • frightening
  • satanists
  • occult
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Crazy on the outside by Luna_FireFly6
Crazy on the outsideby Queen_of Tomco/Parapines
A story about 6 friends who started there first year of freshmens in high school and is trying to find there missing friend and it somehow involves a murder occult.
  • murder
  • squadgoals
  • highschool
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Invoke ✦ Dramione Short Story by Witches-Britches
Invoke ✦ Dramione Short Storyby Witches-Britches
Hermione and Draco sneak into a sacred event, until they're caught. Ancient magic. Sexual content. Enjoy. THIS IS A QUICK READ! Short story, contains short chapters...
  • witch
  • cult
  • lime
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They call him Lucius - Part 2: Legacy *Revamped Dec2017* by Shimaira
They call him Lucius - Part 2: Leg...by L.B. Shimaira
Horror // Thriller // Novella // Trilogy (part 2) --- Revamped 29-Dec-2017 ~ The story continues... Follow Amy after Lucius finds her again. Will she ever escape? The f...
  • demon
  • cannibalism
  • dream
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The Meaning Of Eternity (TMOE #1) by JuliaLundstrom
The Meaning Of Eternity (TMOE #1)by Julia
Mutilated, dejected and out of options Lucius Cromwell is approached by a demon claiming to be his salvation, that is, if he agrees to make a deal with it. At first it s...
  • occult
  • romance
  • 18thcentury
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Gast (Gothic Horror) (Completed)  by MrCrowley667
Gast (Gothic Horror) (Completed) by Andrew John Wood
It only takes a second to lose everything... One second of rage and Adam became a widower. People say it's natural to see the deceased everywhere you look. They don't sa...
  • gast
  • paranormal
  • tarot
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Nocturnal by robynfrances
Nocturnalby Robyn Frances
When Nyx Forbes moves into a new home with her antique dealer parents and little brother, she hopes that the change will heal her crumbling family and finally bring some...
  • hauntedmansion
  • darkness
  • magic
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Where The Raven Roosts. by AlphaHybrid325
Where The Raven Roosts.by Devlin Quartana
A boy, his "normal" life, and the underlying possibility he is in mortal danger from another world.
  • fantasy
  • occult
  • romance
The Craft; Witchcraft Basics by wintrasolstice
The Craft; Witchcraft Basicsby Call me Equinox
A basic rundown of everything I know about the craft. I am a Christian witch who incorporates hoodoo into my practices as a way to honor my ancestors, the ones who carri...
  • witchcraft
  • wicca
  • religion
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Genius by SallySlater
Geniusby Sally Slater
All of London believes Evie's husband is one of the world's greatest inventors, rivaled only by the reclusive Earl of Westmorland. Nobody knows that Evie, not her husban...
  • steampunk
  • fantasy
  • fantasy-romance
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