The Legends from her Past {MC} by Code-M0
The Legends from her Past {MC} by H E C C
Nowe życie w nowym świecie, przynosi nowe niespodzianki. Raz na jakiś czas zdarza się, że legendy z twojego dzieciństwa, ożywają i stają się rzeczywistością. To rzadkie...
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No turning back -Book 3 "Tracking Them Down Trilogies" by CreativelyCrafty
No turning back -Book 3 "Tracking... by CreativelyCrafty
Please first two books or this will make no sense. "Once we shatter, we have a likely hood of being unable to be pieced together again even after we were glued back...
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White as Snow [WIP] by ShotgunnedUmbreon
White as Snow [WIP] by ShotgunnedUmbreon
Na alles dat in de Alola regio is gebeurt, weten meer mensen over Aether Paradise, en de pokemon die er wonen. Vooral Type: Null en Silvally. Elke Silvally was gemaakt o...
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Type:Null Entries (365 days challenge) by Wondersketch23
Type:Null Entries (365 days challe... by Wonder
This is an experiment that we, the Aether Foundation, have created. We call him Type:Full. We are checking Type:Full on a daily basis, so, expect how our Full's doing.
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[null] by Chaotic_Kevin
[null] by
Travel to some time far into the future where 'robots' ruled the world. Robots that we control. Communication and the thought process has been upgraded to a whole other...
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