To You, My Future by JuneTheGlassesBearer
To You, My Futureby JuneTheGlassesBearer
Error was never before so confused. He doesn't even know what to do in these kinds of situations. It's not like he knew what to do after someone pulls him and his childr...
  • family
  • error
  • sans
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Weird Error One Shots by A_Random_Cup
Weird Error One Shotsby Cuppie
This all honestly started with a comment with Error ruling the underworld just by looking at Satan himself from "Falling Into A Different Destiny", chapter, &q...
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Horror Movie Cliches 2.0 by Bin_Of_Junk
Horror Movie Cliches 2.0by Oh_No You died
If you find this, no I'm not copying Bin___ I'm the same person just with another account ._. Edit: I'm not just doing horror stories cliches
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Minecraft Lore Wars by DerpTheCake
Minecraft Lore Warsby DerpTheCake
Unspeakable is trying to solve the minecraft lore mysterious. He accidentally summon herobrine in the world.
  • minecraft
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  • herobrine
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The Synthetic Pokemon(Various! Legendary! Pokemon x Silvally! Reader) by RoxieDaSylveon
The Synthetic Pokemon(Various! Roxie
In this You're Nickname is Going to be Y/n, you're a "female"(Silvally is genderless) And your trainer is going to be Moon(Aka, the Female Character). Also You...
  • anime
  • legendary
  • pokemon
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A Disfunctioning Computer by imnotpinhead
A Disfunctioning Computerby imnotpinhead
A boy named Aaron finds a strange free computer with a tag of "Take it away and never bring it back" so he took the gamble to search what was wrong, will he so...
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  • technologicalhorror
  • gore
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Corruption Inside by candyflossed
Corruption Insideby ♡KawaiiCandyFloss♡
(Book 2 of the Corrupted Trilogy) Steve sacrificed his life for 3 others. Herobrine, Entity303 and Null are free from the corruption. Candy, Diamond, Tea and others live...
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