My Life by awsomegirl303030
My Life by Anonymous
The title is pretty self descriptive... its my day to day life! I know pretty dumb and boring.. i just wanted to do something new so here you go! My name is Anonymous be...
  • depression
  • cool
  • help
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true love by meow4473
true love by meow4473
a story about an independent woman who dont need no man right now
  • cats
  • drama
  • fantasy
Sẽ có người yêu em  by thanhtruc7702
kyle x stan smut one shots by riiiiiiiiiip
kyle x stan smut one shots by Alyssa Cervantez
all story's are Stan and kyle warning smut and abuse and suicidal
  • love
  • stanxkyle
  • style
I like turtles by MaddieMadHatter64
I like turtles by MaddieMadHatter64
This is Maddies cuz!! I will tell story of love at first sight.
  • love
  • turtles
  • yandere
What You Don't See In Everybody by emilyg780
Someone I used to know by ivans_princesa
Someone I used to know by ivans_princesa
" You're, Him....?" Bianca, just moved into an apartment where she lives her first day happily, The second day are when things get really interesting. Girls...
  • fulloflove
  • martineztwins
  • youtubers
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Mr. Multi billiniour  by ShreyasLad
Mr. Multi billiniour by Shreyas Lad
story started : 25th December 2017. completed: ?
  • manan
  • parthsamthaan
  • soha
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Trigga Trey  by Kingisthebest12_
Trigga Trey by Kingisthebest12_
I'm new 💯
  • love
  • myself
  • married
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love notes by cosmiclavender
love notes by Cosmic Lavender
The essence of a human heart spilled out into words.
  • crushes
  • lovelife
  • lovestories
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The Juxtaposition Project  by preferablypoetic
The Juxtaposition Project by 💗 kayla 💗
jux·ta·po·si·tion ˌjəkstəpəˈziSH(ə)n/ °noun the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect. "the juxtaposition of these two peo...
  • lgbt
  • inclusive
  • boyxboy
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❝ I'm Emilia ❞ by _dizzymarie_
❝ I'm Emilia ❞ by emotionalslutt
we belong.
  • emilia
  • damon
  • love
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just a young love by DolanObsessed99
just a young love by DolanObsessed99
2 8th graders have trouble and don't know what to do anymore does he like her
  • teen
  • one
  • maybe
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The Book Of Lola by BiancaMastroianni
The Book Of Lola by Bianca Mastroianni
After her younger sister died in a car crash, Lola Hart goes back to boarding school to finish senior year. There, the new guy William and his sexy older brother Harvey...
  • suspense
  • love
  • teacher
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The Polaroid by fragiledecay
The Polaroid by fragiledecay
A fair skin Samantha has to deal with the pain over having her husky blue eyed lover Terry being sent off to join the Army. Right before Terry is torn away from Samantha...
  • kiss
  • romance
  • lovers
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into the night by 315473Twe
into the night by )0(***Sun and Stars***)0(
a woman cast out of her home and disowned in Victorian Scotland with not a penny to her name seems to have luck on her side as a strange new man with lots of money comes...
  • mysterios
  • fiction
  • dark
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