I'm The Villain by Euphonics
I'm The Villainby Euphie
For demon Elliot Angels, nineteen thousand years isn't enough time to commit mass genocide on a global scale. She's scorned by every race for her vileness. And in a sing...
  • betrayal
  • king
  • demon
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Words For The Soul  by hertweetx
Words For The Soul by SIS ✨
written for all the lost souls
  • quotes
  • thoughts
  • emotions
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Me, Myself and the Voices by ChynahG
Me, Myself and the Voicesby C h y n a h🥀🕊🖤
What's more deadly? A thought or a gun? A gun gives you the opportunity but a thought pulls the trigger... and my thoughts have a mind of their own.
  • mentalhealth
  • teen
  • voices
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Older Brothers  by SkylarBlake5
Older Brothers by SkylarBlake5
A story about a boy named Alex and he lives with his 5 older brothers. His parents died so he's stuck with them. Their very strict and Alex is a troublemaker.
  • life
  • olderbrothers
  • 12
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Love Gambling  by AnjaliYADAV678
Love Gambling by Anjali YADAV
She hated him he loved her NOW THERE WILL BE A DARK AVNI
  • adiza
  • lovestory
  • life
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✨ DREAM ENTERTAINMENT || Apply Fic ✨ by _Jeon_Soomin_
✨ DREAM ENTERTAINMENT || Apply 「 전 수민。」
DREAM ENTERTAINMENT (Hangul: 꿈의 엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean entertainment company established in 2018 by Jeon Soo Min and Jennifer Bode . It currently accepting Models, Ac...
  • kpop
  • apply
  • entertainment
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Fighting For Love- A Selection Roleplay by the2ndpashionparty
Fighting For Love- A Selection ya girl ashley
A selection roleplay!
  • selection
  • selected
  • drama
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PLAYBOY by starlightjongin
PLAYBOYby starlightjongin
  • school
  • yoai
  • kaihun
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Devil's Angel by RoseyBloom4
Devil's Angelby Rosey Bloom
Its a story about Angels...!!! And you have to know further read inside...!!! Its also based on SwaSan...!!!
  • angel
  • swasan
  • swara
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Pidi Baiq ( Dilanku Tahun 1990 ) by dave_writer
Pidi Baiq ( Dilanku Tahun 1990 )by David Ma'arif
Quotes dari penulis trilogi Dilan 1990 ( Pidi Baiq ) Dia adalah Pidi Baiqku tahun 1990 ; Cadas, cerdas dan tangkas setiap kata-kata yang diucapkannya, Read, vote, share...
  • poetry
  • sajak
  • dilan
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Aarmau AU ♡• A True Understanding•♡ by LumaCat3
Aarmau AU ♡• A True Understanding•♡by Luma
16 Years ago she was brought into this Earth. Her guardian angel watched over her. God created man but man created man. Her guardian angel created her. He chose how she...
  • laurence
  • aarmau
  • death
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Love Is Posion by naybmircc_
Love Is Posionby Mickey ' 😈💕
"I gave my all to you, this how you repay me?"
  • street
  • life
  • hate
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yana magana ne akan muggun tuggu da hakuri da kaddara da kuma soyayyar gaskiya,da illa zaman banza da biyewa kawayen banza tabbas biyayya ga miji sai matar kwarai,kuma d...
  • novella
  • fulani
  • truestory
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My Fake Boyfriend by narcissusflower
My Fake Boyfriendby Azho<3
#294 in CHICKLIT(highest ranking )---- Jessie is hopeless about finding love, after asking out the fourteenth guy she had a crush on, and being rejected for the fourtee...
  • lovable
  • relationship
  • hate
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roses and tulips [poems] by faithinkarma
roses and tulips [poems]by amar
❝I kept myself hidden. So many words to say and yet without a voice, they never found the way. In pieces of paper. Covered in ink, I entered a world, where only I exist...
  • hope
  • feelings
  • heartbreak
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Time travel role play  by BladedPsycho
Time travel role play by Grim Reaper
Each chapter will be set in a different universe with an all encompassing goal. To get home. It's a race between all students to find the right universe, the right time...
  • die
  • staff
  • force
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Kessa, hidden feelings by tessa13245
Kessa, hidden feelingsby tessa13245
  • love
  • kessa
  • hiddenfeelings
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•Hogwarts Roleplay• [OPEN] by -KiaraJaz-
•Hogwarts Roleplay• [OPEN]by -KiaraJaz-
Dear Mr/Ms. [Surname], We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessa...
  • pleasecomment
  • roleplay
  • okay
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What Lies Ahead by JaredNera
What Lies Aheadby Jared Nera
You've fallen so hard. You can't remember how it happened. All you know is that the negativity has binded to your soul. You want to end it all, yet you're blind from eve...
  • depression
  • suicideawareness
  • alone
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Random life by Randomwriter200
Random lifeby Randomwriter200
It's just a book of my life and stuff. I found a place were I can put my thoughts on, so yeah. Not much I can say :/
  • idk
  • thoughts
  • life
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