kiss my soul by user97232
kiss my soulby Мария Пеева
"You are art ,not everyone will Understand you ,but those who do will never forget you"
  • dark
  • girl
  • poet
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Blurred Dates by cigarette-ends
Blurred Datesby I V Y
date changes when the alarm chimes 00:00, but i'm crying at 23:59, and i'm crying at 00:01. the city is still sleeping. is it today or is it yesterday or am i sittin...
  • love
  • lgbt
  • girlxgirl
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Instagram - s.m by mendescullen
Instagram - s.mby MENDES BABE✨
  • instagram
  • life
  • charlieputh
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My school story by okamiyoshida
My school storyby okami yoshida
Rena seorang murid pindahan dari INTERNATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL - BANDUNG.Rena selalu di palak oleh Dilan dan temn-temannya.Sampai akhirnya aksi mereka diketahui oleh Toni da...
  • life
  • bullying
  • romance
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Incandescence  by rikxhey
Incandescence by RIKXHEY
This novel is composed entirely of stories, essays, dramas, comedies, and tragedies that I've experienced or thought of throughout my life. The title was inspired by my...
  • reject
  • betrayal
  • relationship-complicated
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spilled paint by daysofgold
spilled paintby tee
in which i tip out the thoughts bottled up in my head highest rating: #382 in poetry 21.08.17
  • abstract
  • spilledpaint
  • fear
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When The Stars Fall by TwilightEmbers
When The Stars Fallby TwilightEmbers
Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy. The two of them had always been immersed in their own lives, having pulled in too deep in reality, and have never known the...
  • shootingstars
  • romance
  • grief
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My feelings my words and my thoughts 💙 by stitchedhearts1234
My feelings my words and my stitchedhearts1234
A place where I can let out what I feel I should.
  • etc
  • strength
  • depression
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Story Of My Life by Miss-Cutie-Cat
Story Of My Lifeby Miss-Cutie-Cat
This will be like a diary I guess? I dont know if i'd be updating this everyday. In this book, I will tell you all about my life. What I do while I'm away from wattpad a...
  • life
  • misscutiecat
Advices by YoureDoingGreat
Advicesby YoureDoingGreat
In which the you (the reader) today travels the dark path of loneliness, pain and agony but somewhere along the way, your path becomes brighter and slowly you start to o...
  • bts
  • advices
  • random
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Quotes ✨ by AlicePatricia10
Quotes ✨by Alice Patricia Syahrial
Ok so this is just a random book actually, maybe ill put a quotes or a short story or anything lol and you can request something about what you like or anything so I can...
  • comedy
  • humour
  • quotes
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D a i l y  l i f e  e t c , e t c by _SayaMi_
D a i l y l i f e e t c , e t cby - Y o u n g P o e t -
What can I really say about daily life tbh hard troublesome yet I get through it all somehow
  • life
Vote if... by rock_dreamer
Vote HungryPizza
Vote if these things ever happened to you :) ______ Highest ranking: #77 in Random
  • love
  • voteif
  • life
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My Story by Xxxio_1225
My Storyby Xiomara Luquin
This is just about my life and how I grew up. This is also my entry for the #LoveSimon contest!
  • life
  • lovesimon
  • myself
THOUGHTS by -brightsmile
THOUGHTSby ¡ sad !
❝My dear, stop thinking so much❞
  • thoughts
  • journal
  • life
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•Thoughts• by uknown_author
•Thoughts•by Author X
What we all think and never say. What we all say and never mean. This book is for you to fully grow to the amazing person I know you can be.
  • kiss
  • broken
  • heartbroken
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Hello JK by Anthfyy
Hello JKby Chooky
Kau berhasil JK.. menyentuh bagian dalam hatiku yang beku karnamu Welcome My Prince an lost boy but now have been the king in my own castle
  • friendship
  • love
  • romance
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Dear No One by ArtzyMinecraft
Dear No Oneby 💚ArtzyPlayz💚
Cover it up with a smile, no one will notice your sadness until your gone...
  • artzyplayz
  • life
  • sad
The Journey of Winnie Gallagher by nlori1234
The Journey of Winnie Gallagherby Naomi
Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will rip my heart out. ~~~~ Winnie doesn't remember what it was like to have an actual family. With a mot...
  • goodgirl
  • life
  • high-school
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Home by kesalvador
Homeby Ke Salvador
Sage is an 11 year old kid, who has lived on the streets of New York City for a few years now, and prides himself on having no one in the world. But when the cops catch...
  • struggles
  • child
  • life
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