My Boyfriend's Sister by gracie_lxpez
My Boyfriend's Sister by gracie_lxpez Fanfiction
Jennifer, a young and beautiful girl from the suburbs of New York, is engaged to the love of her life, Danny. The two have been together for many years and everything se...
Trouble (Victorious Fan-Fiction) (Lesbian Story) (GirlxGirl) by SoulessObsession
Trouble (Victorious Fan-Fiction) (... by Mono No Aware Fanfiction
Tori and Jade's fights are famous at Hollywood Arts. They fight in the morning, they fight at lunch, they fight in the evening. When they get a drama assignment together...
Love Plot by FeistyMoonlight
Love Plot by ♡ Romance
Annabel and Lexi. Two different people sitting at two different ends of the spectrum. While Annabel was the definition of sugar and spice and everything nice- people ado...
Time goes by... by shadowheart1000
Time goes by... by shadowheart1000 Romance
Nicloe Erickson or "Cole" is an outcast straight A's student who was bullied throughout of highscool, and being an out-of-the-closet lesbian doesn't help eith...
Kissing Olivia Winchester (Girlxgirl)(Lesbian Story) by TheGodAthena17
Kissing Olivia Winchester (Girlxgi... by Athena Teen Fiction
Josephine was the daughter to a rich doctor father and trophy wife. She wasn't a socialite like her sister Gwen, she was just shy plain old Josephine. She was the pariah...
The Exchange Student by crimson14
The Exchange Student by crimson14 Romance
Nicky Lopez lives the life of an ordinary university girl. She was once excited for college but somehow she got bored and felt like there's no excitement in her life. In...
Bodyguard. by kushndiamonds14_
Bodyguard. by Saniya 🥀 Fanfiction
Kind like My Bosses Daughter, reversed.
Pursuing The Ice Queen by ForeignGhost
Pursuing The Ice Queen by Foreign Ghost Romance
Stara Stevenson, a lesbian, ace of the basketball team, popular and has the looks. What more can she ask for? As she notices her feelings coming back, the lucky girl? Li...
My Princess by storywriteriguess
My Princess by storywriteriguess Fantasy
We have all heard the fairy tales of the princess being locked away in a tower and can only be saved by her one true love. But what if her knight in shining armor was a...
I Dare You to Kiss Me (girlxgirl) by bitchbii
I Dare You to Kiss Me (girlxgirl) by ♡ Romance
After Emory became next door neighbors with Maizy, she slowly realizes she's been falling for her. Does Maizy feel the same? Why not find out through a classic game of t...
My Southern Belle (Lesbian Stories) by MariJiraM
My Southern Belle (Lesbian Stories) by MariJiraM Romance
Chloe Ellison 25 and is a second grade teacher from Texas. When she's not teaching her students 4×4, she riding her horses. The only problem is that her family is always...
A Rock Star's Quest: Find True Love (GirlXGirl) by qwertyplusplus
A Rock Star's Quest: Find True Lov... by qwertyplusplus Romance
When famous rock star Alexis Greene, better known as Ice to her fans, becomes disillusioned with her life of fame and fortune she longs to be "normal". All sh...
My Mate by naruuu21
My Mate by Naru Fanfiction
TaeNy. Shortfic.
Mondo Pastello | girlxgirl | Completed♕ by Digital-Galaxy
Mondo Pastello | girlxgirl | Compl... by Digital ♕ Galaxy Romance
A Royal Princess leading a secret double life, her next-to-perfect college boyfriend and a professional gothic gymnast who makes her question her sexuality. What can go...
Bittersweet Friendship by FeistyMoonlight
Bittersweet Friendship by ♡ Romance
Growing up, all Abigail Swanson ever wanted was for her best friend Isabel Dean to notice her. Not just as a friend, but something more. At first Abigail thought it was...
The Silent Sorrow (GirlxGirl) by Dreamondreamer96
The Silent Sorrow (GirlxGirl) by Dreamondreamer96 Romance
17 Year old Jamie Allen is starting a new school. Where she struggle every day to find her classes, but one day. Dandy, the girl, Jamie's cousin warns her to stay away f...
Hers (Ruby Rose) by cambrywyatt
Hers (Ruby Rose) by Cammie Fanfiction
Ellis has never been with a woman. It is not until an attractive and rebellious Australian girl named Ruby Rose enters her life, making her question her sexuality and sh...
blue neighbourhood by messynormani
blue neighbourhood by cliché Fanfiction
"Leave this blue neighbourhood." A Norminah story based off of Troye Sivan's Blue Neighbourhood. Dinah g!p Highest Rankings: #17 in Norminah
An extra hand ( Lauren/you) by keepupwithsparkles
An extra hand ( Lauren/you) by keepupwithsparkles Fanfiction
Lauren is a struggling single mother with 2 kids her boyfriend Brad is abusive and controlling leaving Lauren deathly afraid for her and her kids. One day Lauren didn't...
Broken and Put Back Together (Garnet X Gem!reader)  by wolftali
Broken and Put Back Together (Garn... by Wolfe Fanfiction
(Before I tell you the description this is heavily inspired by a variety of other fanfictions I have read but I promise I am not 'copying' some plot ideas have just jumb...