Seven Minutes in Heaven by believeincats
Seven Minutes in Heavenby believeincats
After Jeremy Donovan swallows his entire medicine cabinet, he wakes up in a place that isn't quite what he expected. He is soon greeted by an angel, who explains why he...
  • teenfiction
  • heaven
  • afterlife
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Lucifer's Fall  by Vushie
Lucifer's Fall by Katerina Sinclair
"What are you doing?" I managed to get out. "What do you want me to do?" he purred. "Release me?" Lucifer's lips played along the sensitive...
  • archangel
  • temptation
  • demons
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Demetre by Mubangak
Demetreby Mubangaa
He is all that I long for yet All I am forbidden to have. I am his weakness. the person he hates. He is beautiful, hand crafted by the Gods Given the strength of a thous...
  • love
  • romance
  • nephilim
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Bad Boys With Wings by Jojo_B
Bad Boys With Wingsby Jojo B
**Watty Awards Winner 2016** Four bad boys, something definitely different about them. Not only have they started creating a lot of trouble in the area since their arriv...
  • dyslexia
  • submit2sourcebooks
  • heaven
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Fallen Angel by lifeless_soul
Fallen Angelby Sibyl Vane
18th birthday for most girls means going to night clubs--legally, going to adult stores, probably getting a new car, or a cool laptop as a graduation present. But my 18t...
  • soulmates
  • demon
  • relationship
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Fallen From Grace (#Wattys2017) by StationaryObsession
Fallen From Grace (#Wattys2017)by StationaryObsession
What happens when you are a shy, self-conscious, quiet, depressed and lonely girl with no friends or family? Why, you sell your soul to the Devil, of course. Being an o...
  • grace
  • ohthepain
  • souls
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The Devil's Love by xMishx
The Devil's Loveby TM Watkins
The Devil's Love Series Book 1: Tempt the Devil; Book 2: Playing with Fire; Book 3: Queen of Hell; Book 4: Shadow of Death. (All four stories contained in this one book)...
  • hell
  • epicfantasy
  • angel
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Angel Eyes (Septiplier) by lilmissharleyquinn
Angel Eyes (Septiplier)by Harleen Quinzel
What would you do for your hearts desire? Would you make a deal with the devil?
  • septiplier
  • angel
  • angelsanddemons
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Obsidian's Reign by mikozaki
Obsidian's Reignby ㅤㅤㅤ
Obsidian - a colour as dark as the never-ending abyss in the shadowy realms of the Underworld, the colour of Clara Avery's tresses, and the inevitable shade of the futur...
  • deals
  • guards
  • heaven
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PASTEL Entertainment ↺ applyfic (open) by Pastel__Ent
PASTEL Entertainment ↺ applyfic (o...by Pastel Ent.
PASTEL Entertainment (Hangul: 파스텔 엔터테인먼트) is founded by Kwon Boa, or known as BoA. home to : HEAVEN , 2BME [ NO LONGER ACCEPTS FEMALE TRAINEES OR FEMALE RAP TRAINEES ] ↺...
  • musicalduo
  • leeemma
  • coed
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Supernatural Memes by inmalusance
Supernatural Memesby x p l r
(Completed with 134 chapters) Daily memes and text posts, 5 per chapter😊 I know that this is super original but I really wanted to do one of these and I have a bunch of...
  • textposts
  • dean
  • demon
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Avengers 7 Minutes in Heaven! by MissKatie1998
Avengers 7 Minutes in Heaven!by Lokitty
Tony decides it'll be fun to play '7 Minutes in Heaven'! So, here it is! This includes the Avengers, as well as Loki and Bucky, too! Read the prologue first, then choose...
  • barnes
  • marvel
  • seven
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The Immortal legacy (Blue Sage Art) Book 2 by Immortal_legacy
The Immortal legacy (Blue Sage Art...by Tavain Martin
In the world of cultivation, strength is the only thing that matters, where one is weak, magical could destroy a mountain with the flip of his palm. "Half human, h...
  • xuanhuan
  • highfantasy
  • swordplay
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Mr. Devil (RE-WRITING) by xCookie17
Mr. Devil (RE-WRITING)by Emmalina
{#6 in Romance --- 22/02/17} "Are you sure?" he asks, smirking. "Mhm." I nod confidently. "Listen, sweetheart, let me put it this way;" he...
  • deal
  • mikka
  • evil
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Beastly || Andy Biersack by LlamaMBiersack
Beastly || Andy Biersackby Madison
"You only care about yourself." I snapped. His face softened. "That's not true." Such a lie. He had no shame in lying to my face, nor did he have sha...
  • andysixx
  • horror
  • demons
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Under My Demon's Command by BK1021
Under My Demon's Commandby BK1021
"Where I'm from, the fires are hot." He grasped my ass tightly. His mouth was close to my ear. "Nothing but endless screams of tortured souls for hours no...
  • souleater
  • demons
  • hell
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You're My Bitch by Misteria-Love
You're My Bitchby Misteria-Love
Just a story about Eren giving Levi a blow job in the middle of the mess hall. Dinner time and everyone is there. Interesting... Did I already mention the lap dance Eren...
  • levirivaille
  • shingekinokyojin
  • mature
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Beautiful Mistake by LlamaMBiersack
Beautiful Mistakeby Madison
"I'm a demon, born to destroy. I can never love, for who could love a hideous beast like me?" "I'm an angel, sworn to protect. I can never love, for who c...
  • thriller
  • fallenangel
  • hell
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The Love of Lucifer by TurtleCat5
The Love of Luciferby Turtle Cat
"I want a queen to rule by my side." Azazel looked at me like he couldn't believe I was the ruler of Hell. "... My lord, you have ruled alone for thousand...
  • devil
  • romancestory
  • yaoi
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Defying Gravity by NicAthena
Defying Gravityby a t h e n a
"I am a devil. A demon. I do not love. I destroy. And if you don't leave now, I will destroy you for I cannot love an angel." "I am an archangel. An angel...
  • angel
  • hell
  • wattys2015
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