The Baynes Legacy- Book 2 - Youth Of The Night by angelwing218
The Baynes Legacy- Book 2 - Stacy
Ali thought she was going to have a perfect senior year, and everything was going according to those plans until Rhys showed up. The attraction was instant, but once th...
  • sob
  • death
  • jada
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Red vs Blue: Agent Rhode Island: The War for Chorus by TyForestWrites
Red vs Blue: Agent Rhode Island: TyForestWrites
|Book VII| After Chairman Hargrove declares war on the Reds and Blues, things are going not quite as well as our favorite sim troopers and Freelancers hoped. But things...
  • carolina
  • doyle
  • sharkface
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Tortured Soul (Angel x Reader) by MyOneAngel
Tortured Soul (Angel x Reader)by KaT tHe RaT
For many people, Los Angelus was their ticket to fame and fortune. For you, it was a fresh start. New town, new people, and thanks to Angel and a little bit of bad luck...
  • angelus
  • lovestory
  • angelxreader
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New Beginnings (Rizzoli and Isles) by KaitlynSchisler1
New Beginnings (Rizzoli and Isles)by Kaitlyn
Fourth and final story in the 'Life As I Knew It' series. Jane and Maura are trying to move forward with their relationship, while Emily tries to figure out what kind of...
  • isles
  • tnt
  • rizzoli
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3 | We Who Survive the Apocalypse by ImagineDragonflies16
3 | We Who Survive the Apocalypseby Bridgit of Midgard
***Sequel to "We Are Survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse"*** The late-January cold is seeping into the bones of Wynne, Seth, Izzy, Mara...
  • survival
  • hudson
  • kat
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Forever and Always // Zayn Malik fanfiction by zaynsflawless
Forever and Always // Zayn Malik Charlotte Doyle
Rhiannon Crookes. A quiet country girl from a small town in England who spends her life hiding behind a fake smile. Her life has been a rollercoaster; full of surprises...
  • rhiannon
  • styles
  • liam
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Fate  by girlmeetscoffee
Fate by fennie
After ayitl
  • rosemary
  • logan
  • paris
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Warriors Baby by blacklovewhite
Warriors Babyby blacklovewhite
It was bluntly obvious that Lauren Reynolds and Ian Doyle were desperately in love. Lauren was aware of her lovers intent to start a family with her but what happens whe...
  • hotchniss
  • emilyprentiss
  • prentiss
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Maura's Family. (Rizzoli and Isles) by Seashellvid
Maura's Family. (Rizzoli and Isles)by Sea Shell
Maura adopts a daughter who shows up at the morgue after school. That's when Paddy shows up. This story takes place in the middle of The Beast In Me. season 1 episode 9...
  • isles
  • rizzoli
  • jane
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Les Vampires de Londres T5: L'Armée des vivants by Chocolat-Mashmalow
Les Vampires de Londres T5: L'Armé Chocolat
Ceci est le cinquième tome des aventures de Sherlock Holmes et du Dr Watson contre les vampires de Londres! Pour comprendre l'histoire, il faut avoir lu ce qui précède...
  • sherlock
  • lgbt
  • aventure
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This Is Just The Beginning: Sequal to Rossi's Daughter by EvlQueen
This Is Just The Beginning: EvlQueen
Faith Rossi is the daughter of David Rossi, a Best-Selling author of Crime Novels and also a profiler in the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) of the FBI. Faith has just ca...
  • prentiss
  • faith
  • morgan
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The Return of Sherlock Holmes by gutenberg
The Return of Sherlock Holmesby gutenberg
  • character
  • conan
  • arthur
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The Return of Sherlock Holmes by gutenberg
The Return of Sherlock Holmesby gutenberg
  • conan
  • detective
  • doyle
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Purple Eyes (editing) by Werecat
Purple Eyes (editing)by Sarah
I'll leave! Fine go! *** Ephvangeline's parents don't care about her anymore. In school she causes mass chaos. Her teacher loves to make her write on the blackboard. She...
  • doyle
  • purpleeyes
  • eyes
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Original Sherlock Holmes Spank Fic by ocficgirl
Original Sherlock Holmes Spank Ficby R
One-shot, OC, M/F, otk, no lemon. Written in the style of the original Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Well, as close as I could make it. Starring Holmes, Wats...
  • fic
  • spank
  • holmes
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The Bleeding Pen by EvilRaccoonBabies
The Bleeding Penby Bethany
This is a book of my poetry. I plan on adding a lot to it. I may even add more poetry than stories even. I'm actually adding ALL of my poems to it, but I will post my po...
  • cold
  • writing
  • rain
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A Study in Scarlet by gutenberg
A Study in Scarletby gutenberg
  • fiction
  • sherlock
  • arthur
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Sherlock and John by BlueIndigoRainbow
Sherlock and Johnby BlueIndigoRainbow
I have wanted to write a fanfic for a while now. It's kind of a JohnLock book, but you never know. Things change. Anyway, I want to write this to show what it would actu...
  • holmes
  • watson
  • love
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The Valley of Fear by gutenberg
The Valley of Fearby gutenberg
  • character
  • england
  • private
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