Bound by Law by BuBbLeGUmGiRL1X6
Bound by Law by x.զմεεη Ƙ.x
"Listen here," he roared, pushing me against the wall and placing his arms beside my head, trapping me. "Just because we're legally bound together, doesn'...
  • possessive
  • complicated
  • generalfiction
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Life Simply Beautiful by Sparsh_198
Life Simply Beautiful by Faresa
"Life is never simple yet its beautiful but weird enough it is simply beautiful" Meet Aara a simple Muslim girl who is suffering from a complication called lif...
  • halaal
  • islam
  • mystery
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A Diamond in Islam | ✔ by Beauty4evar
A Diamond in Islam | ✔ by Shadia N.
He hated her "kind." She hated his ignorance. He loved her. She refused to. Without her, he was nothing. * * * * Amira had a dysfunctional family, an older bro...
  • convert
  • highschool
  • modern
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100 Percent Indian by callmeAshu
100 Percent Indian by #Ashulove
I absolutely love my country. It's particularly peculiar. Read on to find out? Indians will totally relate. #2 in random as of 8 August 2017 #4 in random as of 26...
  • desi
  • indiarocks
  • ashu
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BM3 - A Muslim Love Story by HopesPrayersNSmiles
BM3 - A Muslim Love Story by Sa :)
BM3- Being Marvellous. Being Modest. Being a Muslimah. There are many forms and many types for the four letter word of love. But as a Muslimah, I know that all forms of...
  • love
  • romance
  • ramadhan
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Dil Boley Ishq by BlissLv
Dil Boley Ishq by Priya317
#10 in General fiction It's a story of 3 brothers, Let's see how 3 cute, Romantic love stories breath in the air of love and their rollercoaster ride. Cover Credit : @B...
  • rumya
  • hate
  • shivaay
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Silver Stilettos (YA Thriller Noir) 🔪 | ✓ by LillieVale
Silver Stilettos (YA Thriller Noir... by chilly lillie 🌙
"Be cool," I heard him murmur. And then his face moved toward mine. His eyes were half-closed, still open enough to regard me solemnly beneath his drooping li...
  • youngadult
  • desi
  • highschool
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Truly Yours by SnortleChortle
Truly Yours by Sarah
Growing up wasn't easy for 22 year old Farrah Ahmed. Being a victim of cruel and relentless bullying in school had left her confidence in tatters and crippled with self...
  • islam
  • angst
  • heartbreak
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The One In A Million by OwnerOfTajMahal
The One In A Million by صائمہ‎
A stranger you were once. Then, with a gentle look you took my hand. As our lives engaged, you lit my life and I held both your hands. Now that decades have passed, ours...
  • allah
  • strangers
  • wedding
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Bookworms by Beauty4evar
Bookworms by Shadia N.
Bibliophile - a person who collects or has a great love of books. * * * * Nicholas loved to read. It was his passion, his source of air, his world. He'd lose himself am...
  • convert
  • humor
  • college
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His Lady Boss by satwri
His Lady Boss by Satwri
Samy felt like her head was going to explode. She literally felt a bullet train passing through her brain and fighter jets piercing through her ear drums. At that delic...
  • boss
  • ladyboss
  • software
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Halal Is Halal by OwnerOfTajMahal
Halal Is Halal by صائمہ‎
Muslim Jokes 3 Wallah Someone is back :P Jokes and stuffs..!!
  • pakistan
  • desi
  • islam
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Love you inside out! by Arshi0924
Love you inside out! by Arshi🌸
Aashna is the type of girl who lives for her dreams. Her passion is painting and she loves to travel the world to get her inspirations. Aryan is a hard core business ma...
  • desi
  • love
  • ranbirkapoor
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DOUBT by listen-to-the-Khan
DOUBT by Khan
"I wasn't looking for love, I was looking for the next highest score of FIFA-15" "I wasn't looking for a wife, I was looking for a paid internship at Go...
  • damaged
  • sanfrancisco
  • technologylover
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Jab Met With An Accident!! by zoopH1640
Jab Met With An Accident!! by VarunDking.
Varun Dhawan, a business tycoon's life takes a big turn when he meets with a terrible accident. He is upset with his life for taking a big turn. But little did he know...
  • varundhawan
  • aliabhatt
  • kapoor
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Halal Humour by yazztaj
Halal Humour by Yazztaj
Jokes, Desi meme, quote, insult and many more things. I promise that you will laugh, smile. I don't take any credit for the jokes in this book I have either read, heard...
  • funny
  • desi
  • halal
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My Life! by SweetPrincess4569
My Life! by Sweet Princess
"Aapi" No, not again, this is how my winter break is going on, every morning my brothers wake me up to play cricket or video games with them. "Aapi wake u...
  • spritual
  • hate
  • pakistani
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Destined to be One by tequilasunrise97
Destined to be One by tequilasunrise97
Second chance love story.. A girl who only wanted to be loved.. Five years ago Niyati Gupta moved to New York, leaving all her dreams behind, a decision that left he...
  • generalfiction
  • romance
  • india
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Fanfic Rants And The Rest of Wattpad by theflowermaid
Fanfic Rants And The Rest of Wattp... by кєєятнαηα "кєєятнι" мα∂нισℓι
So I have been on Wattpad for a few years now. I'm on it almost everyday, it's like a drug to me. However, ever since I joined, I have seen the ups and downs of the fanf...
  • bollywood
  • fanfiction
  • stupid
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One and only by avid22reader22
One and only by iafreenk
Sometimes, someone comes into your life so unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise and changes your life forever. ***** Saira Ahmed - Your average middle- class girl...
  • generalfiction
  • shortstory
  • indian
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