Pyaar Impossible by Rain_Fall21
Pyaar Impossibleby RainFall
Pyaar Impossible (Love Impossible) is about a very sweet girl named Naira Bhatia who goes to Saint Mountainridge High School. Being that is, Naira is Saint Mountainridg...
  • humour
  • brokengirl
  • desi
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Damaged and Afraid by DesiGirl123
Damaged and Afraidby DesiGirl123
Sanjana and Arjun are from a small village in India. They secretly met each other and fell in love. Soon, Arjun changed. He'd done some unthinkable things to Sanjana...
  • fear
  • bollywood
  • indian
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She Is My Hayaat by hayatiofparadise
She Is My Hayaatby Chocolate and Peace
I walked down the white hallways filled with the smell of bleach and chlorine. The lights above were too bright, too luminescent. I can't think. I can't look straight. I...
  • muslimlovestory
  • halal
  • family
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A Life Of Lies by -PerpetualStardust-
A Life Of Liesby Abinaya 🌠☄️
❝Live a life of Lies, die a death of Truth.❞ The one thing fate is good at is spinning dangerous turns and planting deathly bogs in the stream of life. When you are stuc...
  • sidshra
  • memory
  • lies
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A Girl's Fairytale by Indian_Beauty
A Girl's Fairytaleby Fatima
Being a Practising Muslim Girl is not easy in the present world. By the entry of a new guy in life, it becomes more complicated. Fareen is a simple young girl who is a...
  • friends
  • teen
  • lovestory
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Halal Is Halal by OwnerOfTajMahal
Halal Is Halalby صائمہ‎
Muslim Jokes 3 Wallah Someone is back :P Jokes and stuffs..!!
  • pakistani
  • india
  • uk
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100 Percent Indian by callmeAshu
100 Percent Indianby #Ashulove
I absolutely love my country. It's particularly peculiar. See if you're truly 100 percent Indian or not! Read on to find out? Indians will totally relate. Highes...
  • desi
  • indian
  • ashulove
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The Duke's Forbidden Lover by xx_QueenK_xx
The Duke's Forbidden Loverby l i z | എലിസബത്ത്
He moved closer, his glacial eyes cold and ruthless as they looked into her wavering ones. "I shall offer you a deal." Nalini stepped back cautiously, not wan...
  • fantasy
  • duchess
  • royalty
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Love you inside out! by Arshi0924
Love you inside out!by Arshi?
Aashna is the type of girl who lives for her dreams. Her passion is painting and she loves to travel the world to get her inspirations. Aryan is a hard core business ma...
  • love
  • desi
  • ranbirkapoor
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Is this love ?:) by Arshi0924
Is this love ?:)by Arshi?
Arshi Kapoor is a girl who loves to spread happiness..She is the most loved girl in college, and has a boyfriend, Rohan, who she is madly in love with. She cares for eve...
  • aliabhatt
  • ishq
  • siddharthmalhotra
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Yakeen Ka Safar Fan Fiction by butterflygirl_siri
Yakeen Ka Safar Fan Fictionby butterflygirl_siri
Hello Readers, I am a die hard fan of Ahad Raza Mir and his character Dr. Asfandyar. I love the chemistry between Asfi and Zubia. I feel the element of love an...
  • romancefanfiction
  • love
  • ahadrazamir
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I'm in love with you... by aairah587
I'm in love with aairah587
This is the story of Paayal and Varun... Paayal Sharma is the daughter of Ajay Sharma, a business tycoon in India..Her marriage is fixed with Varun Mehra by her father...
  • misunderstanding
  • love
  • missiondesi
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The Indian Literary Awards 2018 by IndianLiteraryAwards
The Indian Literary Awards 2018by The ILAs 2018
[Judges Needed] Hello to all readers and writers! Welcome to the first ever Indian Literary Awards! These awards will cover all stories across Wattpad ranging from roma...
  • indian
  • desi
  • contests
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Destined to be together by sandysandra92
Destined to be togetherby sandysandra92
She still didn't understand why he chose that movie "50 shades of grey". She knew that he wasn't someone who was into such movies. She tried paying attention t...
  • hot
  • indian
  • lovestory
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Because We Were Meant To Be by WreckedHearts511
Because We Were Meant To Beby Aafreen Foorooskar
Having lost her parents at a tender age of two, she was never angry with life. She instead lived her life to the fullest within the Islamic boundaries and she spread hap...
  • fight
  • capetown
  • marriage
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Muslim Time  by Crazy_Hijabi_
Muslim Time by ☕️~CoffeeIsLove~☕️
Wait!!! Don't run This book is not a terrorist!!! Ya I know it has the name Muslim Time but , it's not a terrorist it's not gonna kill . This book is about desi relata...
  • puns
  • desi
  • humor
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Dream Girl (Completed) by The_Specs_Girl
Dream Girl (Completed)by Nams
"Why does he look more of a Robot than a human being?!" Mrs. Priya Singhania often wonders about her son. "She acts less of a girl and more of a boy!!!&qu...
  • arsha
  • desi
  • fanfiction
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DEEP LOVE by BeautyOfCapricorn
DEEP LOVEby Captain Rose
~Previously known as Secret Love.~ You can never fight with your fate. This is what everyone said to me. Now I understand that they were right. This is what Maha thinks...
  • adopt
  • secrets
  • ex
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Jaane Jaan (#TheCrazziestWins) by iOyeSrishti
Jaane Jaan (#TheCrazziestWins)by Srishti Aggrawal
They met, they talked, they fell in love. But love came with some complications. Will Shruti and Manik make it work? Read to know more. Music🎼 + Love 💕 + Drama 😄 = A...
  • music
  • illinois
  • jaanejaan
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[Completed]A Tale Of An Indian Wattpad Writer by Indianwriter
[Completed]A Tale Of An Indian Esha
#99 in Romance on 15 April 2016 #6 in Chicklit on 3rd May 2016 Changed Genre to Chicklit on 22 April 2016 Story is in English "Can I ask you something?" I brok...
  • bollywood
  • teenromance
  • romance
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