It Started with a Dare (Going under Construction Soon) by Accident_Prone16
It Started with a Dare (Going unde...by Mickey
READ AT OWN RISK Two other versions available. ×××××× It started with a dare. It ended with something so much more serious. Braelyn Sawyer was the girl who kept to herse...
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💕When I Kiss A Gangster💕 by aesyulli_bwi
💕When I Kiss A Gangster💕by aesyulli_bwi
•#7-in Teen Fiction• (This is the real one! My current account is cannot be open.) Nang dahil sa isang dare, nagkagulo na ang buhay ko. Hindi ko alam pero mas nakabuti...
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Keep Your Enemies Closer (Wattys 2017) by Devilsmom
Keep Your Enemies Closer (Wattys 2...by Pearl Mae
*COMPLETED* "You think I'd murder you?" He laughed humorlessly. "I- what?" I stuttered, looking at him with a lost expression. If he didn't want to...
  • teenager
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Dare Me [Teacher/Student] by Broken_Dream07
Dare Me [Teacher/Student]by Nicole Kaps
"I turned my head and stared into Cole's eyes, wondering what he was thinking. Sure, I may be just a couple of years younger than him but that couldn't mean I wasn'...
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Sorry It was a dare by MakingPossibilities
Sorry It was a dareby Trina
Highest Rank : #28 " No no no no... I'm not doing any dares. Last time, you guys forced me to shave Erin's pet, and I was grounded for a whole month. I'm not doing...
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Dared To Love (Under Editing) by Artemiine
Dared To Love (Under Editing)by فالري
"It Was All A Dare," ________________________________________ Zahra Jones just wanted to finish school, enjoy her life and avoid Levi Karldon completely. But...
  • drama
  • white
  • interracial
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Attack on Titan Truth or Dare by Shipsrlife2
Attack on Titan Truth or Dareby Shipsrlife2
Watch as the AOT crew (Survey Corps) ask each other embarrassing/stupid questions or dare each other to do embarrassing/stupid things!! (I had a book like this already...
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Natsu's Girlfriend (NaLu) ✔ by parkjiminswings
Natsu's Girlfriend (NaLu) ✔by five
It all started with one little dare Natsu had to do after losing to Gray; and that was to make the new student, Lucy Heartfilia, fall for him. Little did both sides know...
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Dare to Save/Live/Love [ArShi] ✓ - OLD version by unspokenrain
Dare to Save/Live/Love [ArShi] ✓...by Araina K.
To read the edited version, look for Dare to Save separately posted on my profile!! ... In Dare to Save: Arnav Raizada, the player. He hides a lot of secrets. As if his...
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Clara and The Bad Boy (COMPLETE) by Uniquent
Clara and The Bad Boy (COMPLETE)by Uniquent
'Bravery is a choice.' Her best friend leaves Clara with a list of dares that will change her life forever. And that it does, throughout the list, Clara finds that she h...
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Falling For My Brother by MikaShay
Falling For My Brotherby Mikaylee Sims-Reyes
"You promised! You promised you would never leave me!" I sobbed into my hands as I saw him pack up. "Jessica, you know I don't want to go. I don't have a...
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A Dumb Angel  by crabbybutterscotch
A Dumb Angel by -ieatjin
"You know, if you had told me you were cheating on me, I would've felt less hurt. But a dare? Playing with my feelings? It really hurts." -- a bts fanfiction s...
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Truth or Dare? ||Marcus Gunnarsen|| by Vanjaa_1015
Truth or Dare? ||Marcus Gunnarsen||by Mrs.Gunnarsen
One simple game whouldn't hurt anyone...right? That's just a game. What would happend to Sophie (14) when Marcus (15) pick dare? Friend, enemy, crush, boyfriend??? Life...
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Race to the edge TRUTH OR DARE!!! by IshipHICCSTRID
Race to the edge TRUTH OR DARE!!!by Ally Haddock
PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION Hey guys so this is my first truth or dare book so I'm very sorry if it is cringy and bad but I would really appreciate it if you guys gave...
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➳ Dare; Vkook by SugalessPrincess
➳ Dare; Vkookby ˗ˏˋ yuri ˎˊ˗
"I dare you to go to Target and ask if they have any extra small condoms left." In which Taehyung met his love through a simple yet embarrassing dare. Top: Jun...
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ask or dare the undertale sans by SamaraWathen0
ask or dare the undertale sansby Samara
comment below a question or dare. this will be from my imagination so please don't get mad.
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Splatoon truth or dare by Blue_Inkling
Splatoon truth or dareby InklingNova
hey...... the title really says it all. It's truth or dare to my characters, myself, and squid sisters.
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  • splatoon
  • truth
Ask/Dare Crankiplier, Danti, and Jelix!! by WritingAtRandom
Ask/Dare Crankiplier, Danti, and J...by WritingAtRandom
Ask and Dare Ethan, Mark, Anti, Dark, Jack, and Felix!!!
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Dangan ronpa X Reader by Reisuke_5th
Dangan ronpa X Readerby Shota Snatcher
What the title says! Both 1&2. I take requests ! I know do Dangan ronpa 3 too!!! I own none of the characters ;3
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Torturing the Zodiacs (Truth or Dare) by NoNameSK
Torturing the Zodiacs (Truth or Da...by SK
Welcome, all you guys and gals to (yet another) zodiac truth or dare book! I know, I know, you're probably thinking, "Why should I read your book? There are so many...
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