Kindergarten  by Daddy-Tae
Kindergarten by be mine?
"So Taehyung I heard you had a little crush on me." "W-who told you that?"
  • fluffy
  • bangtanboys
  • jungkook
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trouble | belle by kmsreddie
trouble | belle by jay♡
Beverly Marsh and Jane Hopper are complete opposites. But is that gonna stop them from being together?
  • it2017
  • drama
  • adorable
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Cute Random Book 3 by Anime_Queen_Sama
Cute Random Book 3 by ★ChristmasQueen★
So the first one got deleted for some reason so I'm making another one
  • cute
  • random
ALGEBRA! ⇢ PARKER¹ by cIeopatras
ALGEBRA! ⇢ PARKER¹ by ❛ hey there demons! ❜
❝ dude, if i fail algebra because you're off doing superhero shit, im gonna throw hands ❞ ❝ did you just say throw hands? ❞ ( peter parker x oc ) ( spiderman: ho...
  • flashthompson
  • mutualpining
  • peterparker
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Mr Perfect //Jack Avery Fanfic  by WdwLuvs
Mr Perfect //Jack Avery Fanfic by WdwLuvs
my name is hannah. i'm jack avery's old best friend...we use to spend all the time together before he went to LA. do i have a crush on him? maybe...
  • jackavery
  • fanfic
  • whydontwe
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Hamilton Pictures + Roleplay by TipsyLilRox
Hamilton Pictures + Roleplay by ❤~Naughty~❤
What the title says! None of these pictures are mine unless said differently. And if you wanna Roleplay something based off one of the pictures, tell me ;3 I'll gladly R...
  • nsfw
  • shipping
  • gay
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THE LASS KISS *※THE LOST 4YEARS※*(3) by venushades98
THE LASS KISS *※THE LOST 4YEARS※*(... by Amyllia
After Wayo leave Phana he is alone with Phana and his baby in his tummy..and when he thought that no one care about a pregnant guy like him Daniel..the guy who has every...
  • yaoi
  • 2moons
  • bl
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Two Lines (Verkwan) by dysfunctionalcarat
Two Lines (Verkwan) by «random writer»
One Line: Negative, Not Pregnant Two Lines: Positive, Pregnant Seungkwan's hands nervously shook as he looked at the test in his hands. Two Lines. Positive. Pregnant.
  • seventeen
  • mpreg
  • gay
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keepsake~ybn nahmir  by Dxpe_candiezz
keepsake~ybn nahmir by Jay🦄
"Nah keep it as a keepsake since you done kept it this long"
  • cute
  • ayy
  • tayk47
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Everyone deserves love  20/38 by -golden-world-
Everyone deserves love 20/38 by Golden
In story (first try sorry if I fuck up)
  • soulmates
  • roleplay
  • love
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Daddy pump by daddypump
Daddy pump by Jan
You meet pump at your bestfriends house for a sleep over, you become more than friends real quick😏 this story is funny, sad, cute, and smutty (sexual).
  • cute
  • happy
  • smokepurpp
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thanatophobia | reddie by kmsreddie
thanatophobia | reddie by jay♡
-sequel to breathe-
  • reddie
  • romance
  • fack
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I dare you by EternalHiraeth666
I dare you by EternalHiraeth
One girl, One bag of Doritos, And a random friend request on Snapchat. What could go wrong?
  • christmas
  • exboyfriend
  • jealousy
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the rainbow ship - byler by goodbyler
the rainbow ship - byler by xavier is kinda gay
will byers drew a rainbow ship when he was eight years old.
  • drawing
  • boyxboy
  • sad
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mic drop ∞ spam by homosexualhowell
mic drop ∞ spam by suga daddy 💫
this book is labeled "humor" because my life is a joke. ^-^
  • spam
  • idk
  • killme
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CareTaker Roleplay! {ON HOLD}  by Kohaku-Reads
CareTaker Roleplay! {ON HOLD} by S76/Hanzo/Lucio
Roleplay as a baby/toddler/child~
  • rp
  • cute
  • babysit
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lights down low 彡 phan by homosexualhowell
lights down low 彡 phan by suga daddy 💫
"have you ever sent an 'i love you' ?" whereas a secret someone sends love messages to dan... but he doesn't know who it is, and it hurts even more when his h...
  • secretadmirer
  • danielhowell
  • gay
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Pineapple on Canvas: The Odd Adventures of a Toy in the City by skmaple2011
Pineapple on Canvas: The Odd Adven... by skmaple2011
We all know that stuffed toys are inanimate objects...or are they? Imagine a world where artificial intelligence technology has improved to the point that toys like Furb...
  • minions
  • cartoon
  • featured
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Anime Drawings by OtakuClub_Anime
Anime Drawings by ~The Otaku Club~
Hola and welcome to Anime Drawings !
  • manymore
  • pictures
  • onepunchman
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Flustered (Soonhoon) by dysfunctionalcarat
Flustered (Soonhoon) by «random writer»
"Soonyoung I'm pregnant." "Who's the father?" "Who the hell do you think?"
  • soonyoung
  • woozi
  • fluff
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