The Handy Man | August Alsina Fiction | by CrownedByCurls
The Handy Man | August Alsina Fict... by Joan Clayton Fanfiction
The title pretty much speaks for itself . The pictures being used in this book I have NO ownership of and belong to Tumblr and Google. @Nia.kf - Gianna Mosby @augustalsi...
Match | Keith Powers (EDITING) by VanWrites
Match | Keith Powers (EDITING) by °Van♡° Fanfiction
"I think I've met someone who loves, who cares, about me. I think I've met my match." ~ EBONY A girl named Ebony, arrives with her best friend Rymia. At they'r...
It Should Be Easy by brooklynismyheart
It Should Be Easy by Brook and Lynn Romance
Caira Taylor and Carter Smith have known each other all their lives, and have been friends for as long as they can remember. But when Carter moves to New York, he leaves...
Commitment Issues by UnusuallyLoyal
Commitment Issues by Sonder Son General Fiction
The story of a single father with a dark past learning that money doesn't make him a man and a black girl who's struggling to rebuild herself less on a man and more on h...
Coco Love  by _lataavia
Coco Love by _lataavia General Fiction
Mr. Wilson/Kofi was always a strict person that didn't do a lot except abide by the rules until he met a woman that was the opposite of him.
Memory Loss by Dreaboo23
Memory Loss by Andrea Hare ChickLit
"You really don't remember do you?" His eyes searched my face,looking for a telltale sign. "I don't think I could forget a face like yours." "It...
Sticks and Stones by errormessage
Sticks and Stones by caz Teen Fiction
After hurtling down a highway at over 100 miles per hour with her not-quite-sober mother, the quirky and musicial Madelyn Armstrong is left paraplegic. And with her mum...
Insecure (Completed) by Kiki_21
Insecure (Completed) by Kiki_21 ChickLit
Kia Washington learns how to love her insecurities and lives the life she always dreamed about until someone tries to mess it up
The Ties That Bind Us by _xoxoquinn
The Ties That Bind Us by _xoxoquinn Romance
Businesswoman Latisha Lee is ready for true love. She's been heartbroken before and resisted romance for a long time .She's a single mother looking for the one the that...
My Bestfriend by BeautifullyHood
My Bestfriend by Savizzle Teen Fiction
At first we were inseparable. Then we became distant. And now we're just memories. (DONT STEAL MY WORK)
Keeping Secrets (Completed) by teebellle
Keeping Secrets (Completed) by Tee B. General Fiction
Shhh... these are the type of secrets that could ruin your whole life. PART 1 & 2. Highest ranking #10 in General Fiction
Tore Up by TheWavyQueen
Tore Up by The Nerd ✨ Romance
"I love him" "But he doesn't love you!", he yelled. Everyone looked at us and started to listen. It made me feel a little uncomfortable. "He...
Misunderstood  by TheWavyQueen
Misunderstood by The Nerd ✨ Romance
"I'm not going to keep being a secret Chance. If you keep me as this little secret, these hoes are going to keep fucking with you! I'm not here for it! I fight Chan...
The Life Of Isis  by itstaleah
The Life Of Isis by itstaleah Teen Fiction
Isis Malone is a Young 17 year old Black young women. She loves the 90's Everything about it. She craves the kinda love the 90's had, she craves to connect with a person...
The Sequence  by TheWavyQueen
The Sequence by The Nerd ✨ Romance
She moved the cover off her body. I saw the stretch marks on her thighs. She lifted up her t-shirt and I saw some more on her stomach. They were dark but they were cute...
The Peculiar Pregnancy of Gypsy Clark by AmethystAmber87
The Peculiar Pregnancy of Gypsy Cl... by AmethystAmber87 ChickLit
[Highest Ranking: #11 in ChickLit] Gypsy Clark is a fast learner but she'll have to be a little quicker because married life is about to get a little complicated. With...
Afro Centric | hiatus by whowritewhere
Afro Centric | hiatus by riri's lipstick Short Story
A compilation of one shots and short stories centered around the diaspora.
The Pariah Chronicles : Black Sheep Edition | Urban by rachelsfactory
The Pariah Chronicles : Black Shee... by Rachel. Teen Fiction
And the dark girl enters the room, and the dark girl shines bright. Calis Freyer, proud black girl. Proud dark girl. She's never had money, but she's always ha...
Daddy  by MoraMiAmor
Daddy by Kamora Harden Romance
Miamor moves to New York to get away from her troubles in Michigan. Without having her child's father involved. She didn't need a baby daddy. Dave sick of his baby moth...
Sweet Charm by QueenKinqq
Sweet Charm by Là'Novel Romance
Charm is a twenty two year old, go getter that works at The Lion's Den club. What will happen when her high school crush Zion come back in town with his soon to be pregn...