Possessive Much? (Completed But Editing) by dark_atheart
Possessive Much? (Completed But Ed... by Dark Angel Teen Fiction
[Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction] :|: CLICHE ALERT! You have been warned :|: He stood up with his hands in his pockets, "I'll delete the video." My head snapp...
Forever  by SleepMindWriter
Forever by g e o r g i a Teen Fiction
SEQUEL TO MOMENTS [Highest Rank #20 Teen Fiction 22/03/17 ] ++++ "Forever?" "Forever."
Chaos by _weight_of_living_
Chaos by T H E N I G H T Romance
The front door unlocks, groaning in protest as it swings open. Keys land on wood. Firm, calculated footsteps come down the hallway. Angela's heart nearly escapes it's ca...
Sleepyhead Heartbreaker (Completed) || Wattys2017 by feliciaharianto
Sleepyhead Heartbreaker (Completed... by feliciaharianto Teen Fiction
Smart, kind and caring. Three words that can describe who Ms. Valerie Blue Olsen is. She's too focus preparing her future career until she forgets about her own love lif...
My Bad Boy (Rewriting)  by LunaOfWolves
My Bad Boy (Rewriting) by D.O'briens wife Romance
Book One Not Edited Two teens, One world, Many feelings, And A LOT Of Drama. WARNING : SOME PARTS MAY BE CONFUSING IT IS BEING BE EDITED. Started : 2015 Published :...
Living With The Bad Boy by MagicHeartxz
Living With The Bad Boy by SH🌚🌚K Teen Fiction
~~~~ Let me just say before you start in the beginning of the book i was such a terrible writer and i didn't know what i was doing honestly so once im finished with the...
2017 Pick-up Lines (UNUSED)  by aesthetikally
2017 Pick-up Lines (UNUSED) by ˗ˏˋ h a i l e s ˎˊ˗ Random
Because not everyone is cute when they fumble for lines to ask out their crushes.
The Unnoticed  by dearstar4
The Unnoticed by SUHOBAEKKIE05 Romance
A story of a girl who always went unnoticed. [Please read the PROLOGUE for the full description!] ['THE' SERIES BOOK 1] Original Story by @dearstar4 / Second acc of @Suh...
College Students by courtneyrxsee
College Students by Courtney Rose Xxxx Romance
First day of college. Darcy Winters is a new student, she's quiet, quirky, lovable but not what people expect when they really get to know her, she puts on an act to mas...
The Streets by RowyB03
The Streets by RowyB Teen Fiction
Tory is a good girl who's reaching the end of her patience. Peppermint is a bad guy who never had any. ~ An arm comes out of nowhere and slams into the roof of my c...
Don't Get Too Close || NaruHina by badassuna
Don't Get Too Close || NaruHina by crysantha Fanfiction
"Don't get too close, it's dark inside, it's where my demons hide." Hinata is one of those unnoticed quiet girls, who watches from behind...
You're Not Invisible by fangirlingaddiction
You're Not Invisible by thebigbadbitch Teen Fiction
Athena Whitfield has always been a pariah. She focuses all of her time and energy on school, and she has no friends. Not that she wants any, anyway; besides, it's kind o...
In Love With The Bad Boy [UNDER MAJOR EDITING] by dashingbieber
In Love With The Bad Boy [UNDER MA... by ↪via ↩ Teen Fiction
"Every girl wants a badboy who will be good for only her, and every boy wants a good girl who is bad for only him." P.S. I STRONGLY advise holding off on readi...
The Bad Boy Is My Stepbrother ✔ by Queen_Essie966
The Bad Boy Is My Stepbrother ✔ by E$$ie Romance
He's broken. He needs someones help. Inside he is screaming colors because something is keep exploding inside of him. They tell me to give up on him and not to let him b...
"Sana hindi ko nalang siya nakilala nagkada gulo gulo tuloy buhay ko" Ako nga pala si DIANAH EMILY MARQUEZ isang nerd na NBSB hayyst...
Game, Revenge and love by Emella_Opia
Game, Revenge and love by Emella Opia Teen Fiction
Emily summers is a good girl. She is a perfect daughter, student and is somewhat famous at school due her (extremely famous) friends Mia Froster and Spring violet. She n...
2017 Comebacks (UNUSED)  by aesthetikally
2017 Comebacks (UNUSED) by ˗ˏˋ h a i l e s ˎˊ˗ Random
We all love to laugh. And what better way to do that then to insult people for fun? Yes, I know. I'm not very nice. ... But who ever said that I was? ;)
Blue (ON HOLD) by _XmbX_
Blue (ON HOLD) by Theresa Teen Fiction
If pictures have a 1000 words then Blue Elaine's artwork is worth those 1000's of words. Blue Elaine is a independent 17 year old and hates drama. But it seems like dram...
How to get the bad boy by powerfulforces
How to get the bad boy by Amelia Simone Teen Fiction
There are many ways to get the bad boy, but Rosie has easier ways. "Kiss me already, come on Chase," I whisper in a lustful voice. His lips were mere inches aw...
Hopeless by cooldude1233
Hopeless by @cooldude123 Romance
Trey Luciano is a bad ass everyone knows who he is. they either fear him or respect him. he is a man of power and has no tolerance for bullshit everyone knows not to dis...