Here Comes Trouble...
By HugglesWithMikey
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*Morganville fanfic set after Daylighters* My life has never been normal ever since I came to Morganville. And after the recent horror that came to my home of Morganville - the Daylight Foundation - I thought my life would get easier. Marrying Shane had been the best thing ever to happen to me in the nineteen years I have lived and I had never doubted it. That was until a surprise and a and a shock return of the red crystals drew a gap between us and I realised what my life needed. A certain someone who decided to kill his twin, pretebd it was him, then run away to the only place he could think of. Yes, Myrnin has gone home to Wales and I plan on following him. Why was I to be so shocked that my life got changed for the worst - like, literally changed. Morganville will never be the same without drama. Here Comes the Trouble... Little did I know it had already began... *Updates random and slow due to college*

Here Comes Trouble (A Morganville fanfic set after Daylighters)

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Here Come...
by HugglesWithMikey