PRUNINGS: Thinning...
By WendyStenzelOleston
  • Romance
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Heartbroken over her choice to terminate her teen pregnancy, Shanna finds herself trying to move on with life as though it never happened. Two years have passed since she left Cory, her unborn baby's father, and the pain of his absence leads her to find him hoping to rekindle their love. The time they spent apart has been good to him, turning him from an unmotivated, sex and porn addicted thug to a responsible, auto-worker in recovery. Having him back is supposed to be the answer to all her problems, way to right all her wrongs but once their reunion becomes reality, she finds pain and regret still torture her heart. Will denial of the truth keep her stuck or will shining light on her deep dark secret begin the healing process she so desperately needs? Take an incredible journey with these two soul mates as they journey down the road of post-abortion recovery together and learn to trust, lean on God, and discover there is a lot more to life than simple black and white. WARNING: PRUNINGS: Thinning Black & White to Gray contains strong language and sexual content, representing the reality of the world we live in, while maintaining a moral Christian backbone.

Please Forgive Me

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by WendyStenzelOleston