The Return to Terra
By TEBramble
  • Science Fiction
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Lady Illuminura is the proud noble lady of the Celestial Kingdoms. Like many of her kind, she is a warrior, explorer and a leader. She has been placed as second in command of a small expedition to resettle on the planet of Earth. The year is 11,000AD. It has been 1,000 years since Earth was destroyed by an irradiated meteorite. The Meteor hit the terran surface with such force that the very atmosphere of Earth burned out. This utter catastrophe cost the lives of all twenty billion inhabitants of the planet. Cut off from the immense industries of Earth the extensive colonies of Mars, Venus and Luna descended into entropy and war. Now, however, that age is to come to an end with the restoration of Earth. As part of the Allied task force titled the United Forces Illuminura's expedition is to help found the first city on Earth in a thousand years. However, all is not what it seems and fate is a fickle thing. Not even the powerful Illuminura is sure she can stop the oncoming crisis and save her people.

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The Retur...
by TEBramble