The Heart of Gold [...
By MissMythoMagic
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I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to believe it. So I pretended it didn't happen. But it did. In saving me from Medusa, the love of my life, Percy Jackson, was turned into gold. Yep, you heard right. Gold. The legend goes that there is a hero renown throughout the worlds. A hero that would sacrifice himself to save an innocent. A hero with strength, integrity, kindness, and a heart of gold. And it would be his undoing. It has become race against the clock. Once it starts to tick, we have little time to piece together the puzzle and find the elixer before the clock strikes and I lose him once more. This time, forever. DISCLAIMER: This is the disclaimer for the whole book. I don't own any Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus characters (If only!). Rick Riordan does (Lucky him!).

Prologue: Bring Him Back

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The Heart...
by MissMythoMagic