The First 30 Days (...
By Haven84
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No one saw it coming. No one could have guessed that the vaccine that was supposed to save lives, would take them instead. Once the death toll started to climb, it took less than a day for the world to change forever. When Bri's roommate suddenly develops a taste for cannibalism, she finds herself trapped in her upstairs bathroom, unable to comprehend the horrors that she sees through the small window. That limited view of the outside world doesn't begin to show Bri just how much danger she's going to be in when she finally escapes her home. Running for her life, Bri won't be alone for long. With the help of a bat wielding stranger, she barely escapes the overrun city. Together, they just might survive long enough to find a safe haven. The zombie apocalypse is a strange time to be alive. The dead walk, and eat the living, but they're not the most dangerous thing this new world has to offer. There are other survivors out there. And not all of them can be trusted. Completed ***PUBLISHING! This story will be removed , in part, on 9-11-19. It will be available to purchase on 9-28-19. Cover credit to Shaheen Po Copyright 2017 Lora Powell *chosen by @AMC in promotion of The Walking Dead *Highest rank #1 in zombie *Winner best horror in The Glimmer Awards 2017 *Winner first place in the horror-thriller-mystery category for The Majestic Awards 2017 *Winner first place horror in The Writers Corner's Summer Olympics contest 2017 Wattpad reviews, @rebel697 writes: This was my one morning to sleep in without the grandmonsters here and what did I do? I woke up at 6:30am thinking about Bri and Shawn and had to come upstairs to read. Great book. Not usually my genre but I'm hooked, again. @TheSaddestStory writes: Aaaaaaand I'm hooked, lol. I better go say farewell to my family before I continue this story and lose myself completely.


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The First...
by Haven84