Slutty & Proud
By Musiq4lyf
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Katie Cormack is known, and when Summerfield High says you are known then it's official. Except, she's known for something more along the lines of...being a slut. There isn't a guy at her school that she hasn't been with. When Katie goes to the first party of the year, she meets the mysterious Allen. He's the only guy that doesn't know about her reputation, it could be a fresh start for her. But, everyone wants her to end up with her best friend and the most popular boy in school, Tyler . Will Katie clean up her act and settle down to be happy, or will she fall into peer pressure? Let's not forget about the overly obsessed Jesus freak Judy that will not let Katie live her life without a couple of pamphlets and buttons. How will Katie live her life slutty and proud with all these obstacles in her way? Follow Katie on her hilarious, clothes tearing, panty dropping, filled with drama journey. [Suitable for actual teens for cursing, innuendos, and more]


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Slutty &a...
by Musiq4lyf