[Nise no Densetsu!]...
By YuushinAkihiro
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After spending the past 17 years studying in school, eating cup ramen three meals a day, and reflecting on life every night, Haru Okamura finally comes to a conclusion. Life sucks. However, when he suddenly finds himself summoned to a parallel universe, he discovers that life isーーー! Just as depressing as it was on Earth... Haru was summoned to『 Celica 』as one of the heroes of legend who would save the world from calamity. However, it appears that he is not the hero that the world wants or needs. And like that, he was cast aside by the other heroes and given a small plot of land to farm in return for his troubles. Left with nothing but his land, Haru goes on to work the farm. Now he must nurture his skills as a farmer and overcome the trials of misfortune ahead of him! *I do not own any images* *This is a rough draft. It will look rough* New chapters every Tuesday and Thursday! Looking for someone to make a cover. Pm if interested!

Chapter 0: Prologue

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[Nise no...
by YuushinAkihiro