Luna Lena
By nicolevf14
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-COMPLETED- ~3 Years BEFORE Luna Hana~ The running never bothered her - she had run her entire life. From what? Nothing in least not that she could remember. The only real threats in her life were accidentally stumbling onto an Alpha's territory, or encountering a male rogue who was a disgusting prick. Although the first option seemed completely unfathomable, Lena Moretti's life as a rogue comes to a screeching halt when she finds herself inside the territory of the Polar Moon pack. Alpha Elijah Perrin of the Polar Moon pack is known to outsiders as "the cold one." No one was really sure why or how the Alpha had earned such a title, himself included. After all, didn't it seem a bit odd for someone rumored to be so heartless to search the seven packs high and low for years in pursuit of his beloved mate? Or perhaps not having his mate is what made him cold. When Lena and Elijah cross paths, both of their lives are thrown completely off balance. The two of them challenge each other's expectations and uncover truths that they never could've imagined. (Watty's 2017) ________________________ Cover by @victoriapinkglitter #1 in Drama 4/12/2020 LUNAS SERIES ORDER: -Luna Hana -Luna Lena -Luna Audrey -Luna Zahra -Luna Skylar -Luna Brenna -Luna Melody **This is the second book in the Luna's series. Although not required, I highly recommend reading these stories in order.** **May contain mature content including cursing, and scenes of sex or violence. Warnings will be given within the appropriate chapters**

Chapter 1 - Vanilla Oranges

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Luna Lena
by nicolevf14