Leaving Life
By autumncnelson
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- Highest Rank #350 in Adventure - I've heard so many analogies about life it's ridiculous. "Life is a race!" "Life is a game!" "Life is like the Olympics!" Yeah. It took me a little while to figure out what that last one meant. However, I relate it to being more of a pool. It has to be a public pool, 'cause those things are nasty. You can wade in the shallow end for a while, but eventually, you kinda want to learn how to swim. Someone can teach you or you can figure it out on your own. Or you can be me, just sitting on the deck for my whole life, afraid to drown. ***** The Collin's Family is well known for being successful and smart, having the potential and ability to accomplish anything. 16-year-old Hannah Collins is the daughter of these two very distinguished parents. Their reputation has rubbed off on her, and she is also responsible for maintaining such a wonderful facade. However, this daunting task is slowly breaking her apart. What happens when she finally snaps? ***** *WARNING* This story will most likely be several parts. However, all of the parts will be very short, so there is no need to worry about lots and lots of words :) I hope you enjoy!!

Chapter 1: Hannah Collins

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Leaving L...
by autumncnelson