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"Mate." What I did? I laughed out loud. That was probably the last reaction the handsome man was expecting to receive from me as his brows were quick to knit in confusion. I knew werewolves existed, but this man couldn't be one of them. No, I wouldn't fall for his prank. "What is the sudden laugh for, Mi amor?" Came his question in a heartbeat. The sound of his voice had butterflies erupting in my stomach, but I schooled my face into an amused expression so he would catch nothing of the weird effects he had on me. "Y-You. What mate-" I air quoted with a wide grin. "-are you talking about? Are you faring well, Mister? Cause if this is some kind of joke, then let me tell you this, you got me! I wouldn't be surprised if you're into vampires or werewolves too. You are so good in acting like one, and.." I paused for two seconds to catch my breath. "-and you even know what a mate is. That growl sounded so real, I might add." I pointed out, trying my best not to break into another fit of laughter, which appeared to be a futile attempt. The man arched an eyebrow at me as a smirk made its way onto his lips, but it soon disappeared and was replaced by a straight line. "Who said I was joking around?"


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