Prince Among Mortal...
By KosMos01
  • Vampire
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*This story has some dark themes and may cause triggers. Viewer's discretion is advised* Seventeen-year-old Adrien Horn is a Junior in high school. He loves to study mythical creatures and acts like any normal kid would. There's just one little problem: for three years he's been keeping quiet about a sin his father's been committing. Without saying a word about it, Adrien has managed to keep his sanity in tack with an outer shell he's created to prevent others from seeing what he's hiding inside. But when bullies at school find marks on his back, Adrien's outer shell shatters and sends the boy into a chaotic frenzy of his true self: a boy with a dark mind who lacks feelings for love, is haunted by everything his father has done, and seems to be broken beyond repair. He is even driven to commit murder, several murders. No one thinks he can be helped, except for one man. . . . Sebastian Belmont is a French billionaire with a mysterious past. He is searching for 'The Child'; a boy who's only purpose is to die upon an altar, before a few sworn enemies find him first. But Sebastian doesn't have many years to live and time is running out. Days before a business acquaintance of his is attacked, Sebastian encounters Adrien a few times and notices the sudden change in his attitude. Mr. Belmont knows that there's something wrong and plans to get to the heart of it, but choices have consequences and picking between finding 'The Child' or helping Adrien will surely stir up a few sour patches along the way. Things may get chaotic, but no one said it would be easy.


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Prince Am...
by KosMos01