A lone wolf who's n...
By Frozenflower158
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Natsu ran away with his future mate Lisanna to make a new start but great tragic was upon them when Natsu watched his mate die in front of him from the scientists who tried to kidnap them and do experiments but Natsu quickly got away but ever since then it's been hard for Natsu to get close to anyone else so he stayed as a lone wolf. Lucy is a hybrid a half human and half wolf for her mother was human but her mother died when the wolves killed her for breeding a child that was considered a monster. Lucy is now the next leader for her pack but it's hard for her look like one if she's seen a joke and weak in front of her fellow pack members and Lucy herself is trying to find her identity since she's stuck between two worlds. What would happen if Natsu and Lucy were to cross paths? Would Natsu see Lucy as a great leader to his old pack and help her find her identity? And will Lucy heal his broken heart? Or will Natsu just see Lucy as a human who killed his mate and see her as nothing but a nuisance?


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A lone wo...
by Frozenflower158