Holding Hands (Prin...
By JayCKx
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Everyone ships it. The fans, the viewers. Dad. Even Logic. And now apparently Thomas does too? Prince and Anxiety won't ever get together, Anxiety knows this. There's literally no way ever. Even though everyone ships it. Prince and Anxiety are enemies, they don't like each other! Anxiety would never even think about befriending Prince. Just because it's a certain holiday with everyone telling them to get together doesn't mean anything's going to change. ~Happy Valentines Day!! This is a Valentines Day special little oneshot :) I had to write some Prinxiety for this special day, how could I not? It's inspired completely by Thomas' Alone on Valentines Day video, which is a gift to the universe that I will treasure forever. Enjoy!~

Holding hands

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Holding H...
by JayCKx