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Put a Quarterback/player and the quiet girl together for a project that will last all year and it will be World War ||| between them but LOVE always has it way in the end and wins in the end. I guess you could say it Started with a project. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meet Lucy Carter, she's the typical quiet girl in Cali High. She's not the girl that likes attention or drama, she tries her best to ignore all of it. But when her horrible past decides to knock on her door everything turns down hill.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now meet Tyler Roberts, he is the whole opposite from Lucy. He loves to be loud and in the center of all the attention. In other words he's the typical popular kid, quarterback, player, jerk and don't forget a sexy beast that has all of the girls crawling for him. But even the popular kid has secrets that no one knows of, well until Lucy comes in the picture..

Started with a project

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by juustlaugh