Rose {✓}
By bjorghalla
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Rose Ace has a plan. Make money and start her own business from scratch, just like her mother did. Getting money requires her to look for a job and she finds one that pays well. She's new working at Selone Inc and she's Mr. Selone's new secretary but after a week working there, he sells the company to a man named Alexander Knight. He's cruel, manipulating and straight up a dick. And when Rose meets him, he's harsh towards her, and working for him is even harder than she thought. But, she doesn't stop, she needs the money for her own business and it isn't until she begins falling in love that things start to change and the cruel man may not have been so cruel after all. However, how can she love someone that keeps secrets from her? Secrets that can destroy her life and secrets that will only hurt her? Remember, secrets always resurface, one way or another. #1 in romance 22nd of March 2020

The First Rose

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Rose {✓}
by bjorghalla