Alpha Lukas (Sample)
By lolabre49
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Highest Ranking: #5 in Werewolf IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE: THIS BOOK CAN BE FOUND ON DREAME. (Note that the book cover is different on Dreame. Also this is the first book I've written, I'm still in the process of rewriting and editing. If you're looking for more advanced writing please check out my other books like His Elysian or Asteria. Excerpt: I dream about having you under me trembling and shaking to my touch. I picture your bare body and what it feels like to be inside you, claiming you as mine. I want to leave love bites all over your skin so every soul knows who you belong to. There isn't an ounce of me that is not aching for you Ophelia." He says as his once molten mahogany eyes flicker to orbs as black as night. (THIS STORY CONTAINS LOTS OF SEXUAL CONTENT AND MATURE LANGUAGE)


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Alpha Luk...
by lolabre49