Dusk Till Dawn
By YumnaMahmood
  • Romance
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  • blood
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  • shooting
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Emmett, Austin, Reuben, and Milo. Four inseparable friends. But everything changes one horrendous night. It was supposed to be Emmett's birthday party, but it all turned into a bloody rumpus. Thirteen died that night, many were injured and all that survived were left with tainted memories of the day they were shot at by a guy they all thought was normal, funny and a decent young person. They lost friends and their lives were also affected permanently. That was also the end of a great friendship, Emmett left with his girlfriend, Donna, for New York shortly after the incident and didn't return until recently - after five long years. Everything changed in the last five years. People changed. Some moved on - many didn't. After returning he comes face to face with his best friend, Austin, and his best friend's sister that was madly in love with Emmett since she was a kid, Leah, but he had never felt anything for her. Leah was one of the injured by the shooting and like many others, her life was completely changed by the horrifying incident that is still fresh on her mind. Donna, Emmett's ex comes after him to New Orleans to get Emmett back. She thought that it would be easy but what she didn't expect was that she will be crashing into Austin, who never liked her nor did she was ever fond of him.

Chapter One: After Five Years

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Dusk Till...
by YumnaMahmood