My Giant Family
By moodygirlz
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ON HOLD Fifteen year old Finn Williams, is apart of a giant family, literally. A seventeen year old brother, a crazy in love puppy. Axel Williams. A eighteen year old brother, a senior with a rep. Daniel Williams. a sweet little girl who always wears a bow. twelve year old sister, Lola Williams. His step-dad, let's just say he's old, a hard working dad who cares for his wife and children. Lincoln Williams. And his beautiful mother, a beautiful woman who cares for all. Ash Williams. Lincoln and his mother married when he was seven and had been together as a family for eight years. They are an average family, sort of. The only thing that's a bit different about this family is, Lincoln and his children, are giants. Vareshian are giants of this world, just like humans but huge! Join Finn on a giant journey, literally. Through school, with his giant family, a girl and a new giant that decides to take the piss out of him. If you like G/T stories like me. Give this one a go. You might like it? Has a bit of offensive language (cause seriously, we all swear. Don't deny it) contains bullying and well... GIANTS! Cause their cool. Cover made by yours truly, but not my photo I just edited it a bit and added a title then BOOM it became a majestical turtle. Read to find out more. Cause my descriptions aren't very good 😊

My Giant Brothers

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My Giant...
by moodygirlz