Just Not Ready (A...
By UnmotivatedButTrying
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Sequel to Sometimes They Win. Set 6 years after Percy left for the military. A year into her military service, her unit was attacked on foreign soil by HYDRA agents. Half of the platoon died, while half was taken as captives by HYDRA. The families of everyone who was there at the time of the attack was told that their relative was dead, including the Avengers. Half of the Avengers believe Percy to be dead, while the others maintain hope. Two years later, Persephone Jackson and Lieutenant Thomas Garland are the last two remaining sane members from the troop. They are broken out of the HYDRA base by someone called Bucky Barnes, or is it the Winter Soldier. It's Bucky, while he's fighting the urges of the Winter Soldier. He helps the two soldiers find their way to an American troop stationed only a few miles from the HYDRA bunker. Percy and Thomas are brought back to America, but under specific instruction by Percy, no one tells the Avengers of her being found and recovered. Instead, she takes up residence with Thomas in his childhood home. 3 years following that, Percy and Tommy are in a relationship somewhat and have mostly healed from their experiences in HYDRA. They've been keeping in touch with their good friend Bucky who pops in every now and again for a visit. But, what happens when the Avengers are caught in a civil war amongst themselves? What happens when Bucky is in the middle of it and partly the cause? Will Percy participate in this fight? Who would she choose, her uncle or the man who saved her life?

soldier breakdown

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Just Not...
by UnmotivatedButTrying