Is it me or The Tra...
By ironrose
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I own only OC's not transformers! What happens if four different versions of transformers enter are world and meet my OC Elena? Weird , crazy , romance , humor , and adventure ! As Elena helps them she learns that she is the daughter of megatron that was sent away ages ago and the Terror twins fall for her by just one look ! How will the autobots deal with this and how will Elena deal with the changes in her life that has so many twist and turns as she iis only 12 years old ?! How will she deall with being megatrons daughter and being a heir to the cons ?! And is another Cybertrian fallen for Elena and side will she take ?! How will the the terror twins take the news and deal with it ?! Sequel is : "Life as the only Femme "

Is it me or The Transformers are really in My Living Room ?!

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Is it me...
by ironrose