Blood and Fur (Boyx...
By kathyyjane
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When Oliver was only eight-years-old, he saved the life of another young boy named Storm. Storm was different though. In fact, he wasn't even fully human. Storm was a shifter: part human and part wolf. Their existence had been known for the past fifty years, but instead of roaming freely in the world, they were captured and forced to live inside communities called The Gate. Storm and his family had been among the few that managed to stay hidden, until now. After Oliver saved Storm's life, they secretly grew a strong friendship throughout the years until one day Storm disappeared. As Oliver's eighteenth birthday approaches, he makes it his mission to find out what happened to his friend. He will do anything to have Storm back in his life, even if it goes against everything he's ever been taught.

Welcome to 'Blood and Fur'

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Blood and...
by kathyyjane