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By Wabbajackle
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Hey guys :) This book once had half a million reads, and thousands of comments. Now, it's all been erased, and that's my fault. I'm sorry. Some chapters have corrupted and cannot be reuploaded. Others I have chosen not to re-upload. If you saw my message, then you also saw that this is back up. While I'm still having a hard time writing anything right now, I think I might want to return to the Eddsworld community. I have mixed feelings about shipping and xReader stories, but I know how much it helped feeling like I had another world, a fictional world, to be my comfort, my way of making new friends, everything. I'm sorry for the controversy this book caused all that time ago, as time and time again someone would accuse me of being horrible things that I certainly did not intend to come off as. I started this book many many years ago, and was just a child. I'll be posting a chapter with the screenshots of my reintroduction message, for old and new readers to understand more of what's going on. Thank you for your time, and those of you who've stuck with me all these years, thank you too, so, so much.

Tord/Red Leader x Depressed! Reader

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by Wabbajackle