The Maw of Despair
By burneplasmafire
  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • evil
  • journey
  • king
  • kingdom
  • lesbian
  • magic
  • princess
  • quest
  • wizard


Caroline and Rhona are part of the crew of the Orion, a starship on a deep space survey mission. In her spare time, Caroline likes reading stories - in particular the Tara Morgan series, because of the romantic subplot. One night though, she finds that a good book is not always good company, and enlists Rhona to cheer her up. They embark on an adventure in a virtual reality, and undertake a quest to rescue Princess Irena, who is soon to ascend to the throne and become Queen. Striking out north with an archer named Levine and her shield maiden Dawn, the wizard Caroline will need all of her guile and the help of her elven companion Rhona as they travel over rugged terrain and deep into the lair of the enemy. Author's note: This story is currently down for editing.

Lonely Caroline

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The Maw o...
by burneplasmafire