Ms. Lesbian [Comple...
By GynksXcarlet
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Cara Applegate grew up with homophobic and racist parents so most of her friends were only her race and also STRAIGHT. Dominique Andedson grew up with accepting parents. She became a track star and since her father got a promotion they will be moving and she attends the new school, Anderson High. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ "Who is she?" Luke asks as Dominique enters the cafeteria. "Oh that's Dominique Anderson, your black lesbian" I say ogling her figure. "Oh" Luke spits and I nod my head. Why does she intrigue me? Hell I want to find out as well. But I'm not gay, and I don't date black people. She looks towards me and I feel a blush creep onto my face as she smiles. I'M NOT GAY!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Lesbian Story] Homophobia and Racism included.

♦ New Girl ♦

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Ms. Lesbi...
by GynksXcarlet