Sold to My Ex-Husba...
By AnjSmykynyze
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Seven years ago... I was his stalker. Three years ago... I was his wife. Two years ago... I was his ex-wife. Since the day he left me, my life has never been the same. It seems like I gathered all life's misfortunes - my mother died from cancer, our family business went down and my dad could not face the shame so he killed himself leaving me to take on the responsibilities of paying his debts. I have to work hard to make ends meet. I worked as a baker, a dance instructress, and an entertainer in order to pay the debts as well as to support myself. I was trying to be okay until he came back. He manipulated everything - owned the bakeshop where I worked as a baker, paid me to give him private dance classes and made me agree to perform in private with him. Do you think that is already worse? Nah-uh! He my family's debt so I am obliged to pay him based on his terms. I am Patricia Sandoval, sold to Stuart Cordoval - I am his personal assistant, private chef, personal dance instructor, exclusive entertainer and on-call bedwarmer of my beloved ex-husband. This may sound absurd, but yes, I am sold to my ex-husband. Note: This is originally a story written in Filipino but since there have been requests for its English version, I am going to slowly upload an English translation of this story.

Story Premise

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Sold to M...
by AnjSmykynyze