Artemis |Lesbian Ve...
By Svetaivanova
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Artemis, the beloved daughter of sovereign Zeus and rich-haired Leto, was born through passion and blessed with gifts. She was also the most beautiful among the Olympians. Her whims and desires could change the course of human destiny. No goddess had more freedom and intriguing life than the immortal huntress. With the rest of her chosen Nymphai, though all are lovely, there is no mistaking which one she is. Artemis with her flowing golden hair and golden limbs is alike her twin brother Apollo, a delighter in arrows and the silver bow. She, too, enjoys the company of beautiful maidens. Though her life was full of adventures and thrills, there were also tragedies. |Lesbian Retelling of Greek Mythology|

Chapter 1: The Titaness

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Artemis |...
by Svetaivanova