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Malia Pierce at the age of nineteen was alone, constantly moving in fear she would be hunted down and found by her tormentors. She is the Alpha's daughter of the Phobos pack, where father, and his whole pack despised her just for her existence. He became a ruthless man, turning to drugs and alcohol. He started to abuse her at the age of 5, the young child not able to comprehend what was happening and why. His pack was falling apart and was running out of money. So, her father sold her, to a pack of sadistic men when she was 15. She has been never shown love or compassion, afraid to trust. Orion Black is the 21 year old Alpha of the Mountain Ridge pack .He was taught from little up to treat ladies with respect and decency. His name was given to him after the Greek hunter, Orion, because he would be known for his strength and his ability to lead and keep his pack safe. He has been looking for his mate since he was 16, the time of his first shift, but she has never showed. WARNING! MAY BE SPELLING AND GRAMMATICAL ERRORS BEFORE I EDIT THIS BOOK AFTER I COMPLETE IT! I DO NOT MIND IF YOU POINT THEM OUT. NOT ONE OF THOSE TYPICAL 'I MEET MY MATE AND I LOVE HIM INSTANTLY' BOOKS. Highest ranks #1 Featured #1 in wolves #1 in fictional #1 in rouges #1 in werewolves

Chapter 1

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