The Last Hope- Magi...
By LaurenSmithAuthor
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At Brakebills University, magic is very, very real. Only the most gifted magicians in the world are granted acceptance. Having spent an entire semester trying to stop and destroy The Beast - a mysterious, evil force - Quentin Coldwater discovers that it isn't his first run-in with it. Thanks to a powerful time spell, Quentin has had 40 chances to defeat the beast. In this story Quentin and his friends have secret weapon to use against the Beast. They're bringing Kady with them to the final battle: the daughter of the Beast. Will she be enough to stay the Beast's killing spells long enough to give Quentin a chance to stop him? *This is a contest entry for Syfy's Battle The Beast Contest. Rights and Images belong to and are copyrighted by SyFy (not me). Cover images for this cover copyrighted by SyFy (not me) and used strictly for this contest and not for any other purpose.

The Last Hope

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The Last...
by LaurenSmithAuthor